In 2011, the new real estate policy, rising raw materials prices, the impact of the financial crisis has made many small and medium-sized furniture companies difficult, the survival of the fittest, the process of industry reshuffle is also faster, but the market potential of the furniture industry is still optimistic. Below, Xiaobian will discuss with you the development trend of the consumer market in China's furniture industry in 2011.

In recent years, with the strengthening of consumers' environmental awareness, in order to eliminate harmful gases remaining indoors after home decoration, consumers generally choose to stay at least three months after renovation, which brings extremes to consumers' lives. Great inconvenience. According to the recent survey of new house decoration pollution, nearly 70% of newly renovated homes have excessive formaldehyde content, and 60% of them are not installed properly. These unqualified factors lead to safety hazards in new houses, while materials are environmentally friendly, user-friendly, and smart home appliances. Furniture will be the first choice for consumers, so environmentally friendly furniture will become the biggest selling point of furniture in recent years.

For furniture companies, environmentally friendly furniture reflects the company's comprehensive production capacity, not just the use of environmentally friendly materials. In the industry standard issued by the state in October 2006, it was clearly stated that the formaldehyde emission of furniture products must be less than or equal to 9mg/100g. The industry emphasizes that the production of furniture is a systematic project. Plates are only a kind of substrate used in processing. Many factors will affect the environmental quality. For example, it is also necessary to use sealing materials such as hot-melt adhesives and door paints. Exist in these raw materials, at the same time, the processing technology, the design level of the enterprise, etc. will affect the environmental performance of the furniture. The environmental protection degree of furniture will become a crucial factor restricting the competitiveness of the enterprise market, and it is also an important manifestation of the comprehensive production capacity of enterprises.

Focus on humanity

People say that the poor is better than the kitchen, and the bedroom is no exception. To evaluate the quality of life of a family, renovation is the key. In today's rapid economic development, people's requirements for quality of life are getting higher and higher. A master who has high requirements for quality of life will naturally pay attention to the installation of the whole furniture. In the new house setting, the furniture undoubtedly occupies a big head, and a small detail of the wardrobe has a profound impact on the future life. In fact, the design of furniture accessories directly determines whether the furniture is convenient to use, the quality of the furniture, the life and the comfort of use, which directly reflect the quality of the furniture. For example, a damper design can bring great convenience, not to mention the new panel and countertop materials.

The foothold of the business lies in the needs of consumers, and the most basic requirements of consumers for the bedroom are clean, environmentally friendly and easy to care. With some automatic configuration in the bedroom, it is easier and more interesting to find things. More and more people will fall in love with these more intimate and convenient humanized furniture. In short, in the future furniture market, the integration of humanity into the company's furniture brand will also greatly enhance the popularity of the product.

Practical design of furniture design

The survival of an enterprise depends on the consumer, so the product customer group is defined and the needs of the target customer group are met, so as to realize the value that the enterprise wants. At present, after 70 years of gradual retreat behind the scenes and 90s are cynical, then the 80s that are "forming a family" have naturally become our main target group. People born after the "80s" are representatives of fashion and internationalization. The times have given them a strange idea and a publicity. In life, there is a need for distinctive highlights to adapt to a more advanced stream of consciousness.

A lot of European furniture in addition to the appearance of classical, distinguished, and the other is a small drawer. The biggest advantage of this design is that it can make the items sorted and stored, which is convenient to use. Some small foods are not easy to savour and put together, and the appearance looks more delicate. The rhythm of modern life reminds people to pay attention to efficiency at all times. This concept also achieves a novel design concept that emphasizes the philosophy of home life. The addition of small drawers to meet the needs of modern people.

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