Do you know the following 3 common sense of using cosmetics ? If you want to be more charming and young after applying makeup, you have to know the following three kinds of beauty knowledge !

Choose a moisturizer with good moisturizing effect

1. Do not use a high-concealed noodles, but choose a moisturizing cream.

Most people think that the concealer of the noodles can help to cover the fine lines and spots, but in fact, the general texture of the noodles is very dry, and the moisturizing effect is poor. The long-term use of the original dry skin is a kind of injury, especially in the eye bags, with the noodles. It is easy to deepen the fine lines, so it is recommended that you use a powder with a thinner texture and a better moisturizing effect as a foundation. A concealer product having a light refraction principle component is selected for modification.

2. The tibia and the surrounding area of ​​the mature skin are prone to spots. The spots near the tibia can be covered by blush, while the eyes and other spots around the eyes are recommended to be decorated with concealer products with the principle of light refraction.

As for eye shadow, please avoid dark eye shadows, and use natural tones and high-light shades.

3. Before choosing makeup, remember to choose a concealer product with the principle of light refraction to modify it, and then start to paint the lip after the makeup on the face is finished. First use the lip pencil to draw the lip to avoid the lip balm. The lip shape is natural. Don't use big red and pink. You should choose a more elegant wine red or coffee red. In addition, you can choose a bright and shiny lip gloss. The lips are more stereoscopic.

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