Perspiration clothing is a kind of functional underwear, in 1906 the United States DuPont company produced a revolutionary clothing technology high-tech products. It is like a diaper. The layer of fabric attached to the body can maintain the quick-drying, perspiration, and breathable features. It will make you feel the dry and excellent touch on your clothes, especially when you are exercising outdoors. When it is clothes, or in places where the temperature of the cold weather is extremely high, it can perform its functions. Note that you don't want to imagine it can make you not sweat, it just makes you feel dry on your body; it doesn't absorb sweat, it's perspiration, because if the cotton underwear absorbs sweat, it can't be ruled out but it makes you even less Comfortable?

cleaning method:

★ General laundry detergents can be used, and bleach and clothing softeners should not be used.

★ available washing machine or hand wash, according to the general clothing cleaning method.

★ Washed in the laundry bag, will not be covered with hair ball.

★ Need to dry naturally, do not use a dryer to dry or ironing.

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