The sea enamel furniture has a golden brown natural wood luster, which reflects the noble and elegant human furniture temperament. To understand the advantages and disadvantages of sea hoe furniture, the root cause is to trace back to wood. Sea eucalyptus is a relatively rare wood. Its appearance is not luxurious, its thick skin, fine lines and solid internality. All of this is the characteristic that the years have changed and the stars have moved on it.

From the wood:

Unlike other woods, most varieties of sea bream are slightly golden , which is undoubtedly not colored for its appearance, with gorgeous clothing. Moreover, since it is a kind of wood, its gold color is not as glaring as metal. It has a common and thick wood color, and adds some distinctive charm, which makes the whole wood upgrade a grade. Isn’t it beautiful? Moreover, the sea eucalyptus does not resemble other wood species. It can be cut into two or three years, and the growth cycle of sea eucalyptus is longer, which also lays an excellent foundation for the solidity of its wood.

You can get close to nature without going outdoors; Haitangmu has a unique mountain-shaped wood grain, which is very beautiful and generous. The economic characteristics of wood grain: the clearer the wood grain, the higher the value; the sea carp wood structure is high in thickness, the weight and strength are in solid wood. It is medium-grade, but its hardness is slightly higher and its shrinkage is large. The design, polishing and adhesive properties of jellyfish furniture are better, and it also has anti-corrosive properties and is not afraid of insects.

The furniture caused by such excellent wood is certainly extraordinary. The sea bream itself is expensive and rare, but it can be done by craftsmen. Naturally, the advantages and disadvantages of sea otter furniture are mostly due to the wood itself. The color of the wood is beautiful and the structure is exquisite. This makes the haywood furniture in the home, which is noble and fine. The simplicity of the wood, combined with the slightly modern golden color, makes the whole space a new level, making the visiting guests all ordinary, not extravagant, but with a noble temperament No.

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Precious degree from the difficulty of production:

Solid wood with a relatively hard material has a common shortcoming that it is not easy to dry, easy to crack, difficult to process and engrave, and difficult to nail. These are both advantages and disadvantages. However, not being wormed is the biggest advantage, no solid wood furniture can be comparable.

Although the appearance of the sea otter furniture is beautiful, there is an old saying that it is not a cover. Due to the particularity of the wood, the interior of the wood is arranged in layers, resulting in the defect that the appearance of the jellyfish is not wearable , and even some of the wood is cheaper than the low-priced wood.

Jellywood furniture.jpg

Although this shortcoming can be compensated by the later coatings and processing techniques, it is impossible to make the sea enamel furniture more noble and the degree of care during use will be greatly increased. In addition, its wood is rare and expensive, making the sea wood furniture not suitable for ordinary families. But if you want to make your home full of natural atmosphere and improve the temperament of the whole space, the visiting guests are full of praise, Haishu wood furniture is undoubtedly a good choice.

in conclusion:

When we buy sea eucalyptus furniture, we can refer to the advantages and disadvantages of sea hoe furniture, and then determine that the purchase of good sea hoe furniture is still more difficult, generally look at the appearance of crafts, color, wood grain, 掂 来Determine whether it is sea otter, the price of sea otter furniture is generally more expensive.

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