With the rise of facility aquaculture, a variety of new equipment and instruments have emerged, with various types and models, and their uses are different, showing the bright prospects of facility aquaculture.

1. Oxygenation equipment Aeration equipment is an essential equipment for facility aquaculture. There are many types, including microporous aeration and oxygenation, impeller aerators, waterwheel aerators, inflatable aerators, jet aerators, and water aerators. The main purpose of the aeration equipment is to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, and to increase the oxygen aeration and improve the water quality by stirring the water body and promoting the circulation of the water body up and down.

2. Feeding equipment The feeding machine is named after the feeding method: a centrifugal feeding machine, a wind feeding type feeding machine and a drop feeding machine; the feeding machine named after the feeding method has a vibrating feeding machine and turning Plate feeder, spiral feeder, etc. The feeding machine can be fed regularly, regularly, quantitatively, fixedly and evenly, and has the characteristics of saving labor and time, reducing feed waste and protecting the water environment.

Third, irrigation and drainage equipment in the facility aquaculture in the irrigation and drainage equipment is mainly water pumps, there are centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, axial pumps, mixed flow pumps, deep well pumps. The purpose of the water pump is to transport fluids. In aquaculture, water is mainly injected into the pond and drained to ensure different water level requirements in each stage of fish growth. Injecting river water or deep well water to adjust water temperature; injecting new water to increase dissolved oxygen in water and increase The transparency of pool water, strengthen the photosynthesis of pool water and improve the primary productivity of ponds. Drain the excess and aging water in the pond, adjust the water quality, salinity and pH value, and give the fish a suitable water body living environment.

4. Qingtang equipment In the ponds that need to be dried, in order to improve the working efficiency of Qingtang, engineering machinery, such as bulldozers, excavators, and transporting machines, are mainly used. The dredging in the wet water pond mainly uses dredging machinery. The common dredging machinery includes amphibious dredging machine, traction type clearing machine, hydraulic high pressure washing machine, tunneling unit and underwater mud cleaning machine, etc. The main function is to cut, collect, extract and transport the sludge of the fish pond to a specific place.

V. Water purification equipment In the facility aquaculture, the water purification mainly uses biological filter, active filter and water purification machinery, such as biological turntable, activated carbon water filter, water cultivator and ozone disinfection aerator. Water purification equipment can purify and treat harmful substances such as organic matter and ammonia nitrogen in water.

Sixth, water quality testing equipment Water quality testing instruments mainly include dissolved oxygen analyzer, pH surface meter, water temperature meter, ammonia meter, etc., used to check whether the water quality of the pond meets the fishery water quality standards.

7. Water temperature control equipment Water temperature control equipment includes boiler system, electric heater, solar heater, heat pump, heat exchanger, water temperature automatic control system, etc. The main role is to regulate the water temperature of the fish pond and promote the rapid growth of fish in the optimal water temperature.

Eight, aquatic breeding equipment Aquatic seedling equipment has spawning equipment, hatching tanks, fish nets, fish screens, cages, fry counters, oxygen bottles, etc., used to cultivate and collect fry.

Nine, fishing equipment fishing equipment has electric catch fish machine, electric pulse device, air curtain catch fish, electric fish boat, block boat, all kinds of winch, net machine, sucking fish, etc., used to catch up Fish, fishing and fish.

10. Fish transport equipment Fish transport equipment includes a variety of live fish transport vehicles and boats, fresh-keeping refrigerated trucks and boats, and plastic fish baskets for the transportation of fresh-keeping fish and live fish.

XI. Epidemic prevention and disinfection equipment and facilities Aquatic epidemic disinfection equipment mainly includes spray disinfection machinery.


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