Formula calculation

â– Safety and pressure resistance
P=K x G x(H/h-1)
P——pressure resistance value N
K - deterioration coefficient (safety compression coefficient
G - single package gross weight kQ:
H—stack height m;
H—box height m
Note: The coefficient of deterioration (intensity factor) K is determined based on the loaded goods and storage conditions

â–  Stacking quality

M=K x(H/h-1)x M,
M0—the total mass of the stacking mass applied by the carton kg
K-inferior coefficient (with safety factor
M1 - single package gross weight kg,
H—stack height m,
H - box height (ten).

Discussion of related issues

The determination of the coefficient of deterioration is implied by the anti-pressure requirements of various storage and transportation strips (if the humidity conditions are relatively large), but the carton

Reduced strength at different atmospheric conditions. Reduced strength of handling warehousing;
The load stack decays with time;
The strength of the transport vibration shock weakens.

Carton pressure capacity can not meet the standard test conditions, the number is a safe compression coefficient, and its "safety" is to meet the carton:

In the above conditions of atmospheric humidity and changes in the logistics conditions, will not produce collapse or bulging deformation of the protective effect of the package.

As long as the carton is designed and manufactured to be qualified (to meet the requirements of safety and pressure resistance), the anti-pressure tested in the non-standard state is less than the safety and compression standard, but it is still “safe”. Recognizing this, we can further adopt the following The data understands the test differences of the carton under different conditions:

Through the above table, we can clearly understand that, under non-standard conditions with large humidity conditions, the test results do not meet the requirements of safety and pressure resistance, but it cannot be determined that the carton packaging products are not in compliance with the standard; Conversely, in the case of relatively small humidity conditions, although the test results meet the requirements, but design and manufacturing does not mean that it is qualified.

(to be continued)

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