Automatic paint spraying machine and future furniture manufacturing trend, whether it is plain furniture or after painting, furniture has been related to people's life since ancient times, people can't live without furniture, and furniture is a symbol of some rich people, especially Some expensive antique antique furniture. The development of furniture manufacturing in the future is bound to be the following trend.

1. Environmental protection

Environmental requirements will be higher and higher. In particular, the export orders have not met the requirements of the customers only by meeting the requirements of the national standard.

2, high efficiency

Efficient production is one of the most emphasized competitiveness of every company. The shortage of labor demand has forced furniture manufacturers to improve the automation and assembly line of furniture manufacturing.

3, low cost

As competition intensifies, the profits of furniture manufacturing will become lower and lower, which requires manufacturers to be good at using. New varieties and new technologies enable effective control of the overall manufacturing costs of the company.

From the perspective of furniture painting technology: the use and promotion of UV paint automatic spray paint equipment is the most valuable:

1. UV paint is the most environmentally friendly paint variety recognized by the world;

2, UV paint is the coating efficiency, is several times the common PU, PE, NC;

3. The unit coating cost of UV paint is half of the coating cost of other paints;

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