At the 2010elle Fashion Festival, the focus of the goddess Fan Bingbing is still so noble and moving. On this red carpet, Fan Bingbing wore the first autumn and winter pink petal evening dress of Bottega Veneta at the Hong Kong Academy Awards ceremony, which was particularly charming.

Look at his makeup, the pink cheeks highlight the baby's muscles, and the natural brown eyebrows are one of Fan Bingbing's signatures. This kind of baby's muscle makeup, eye makeup is very worth learning, it looks clean and natural, the effect of magnifying the eyes is no less than the black smoked makeup. The eyeliner is the key. The makeup eyeliner is exquisite: to highlight the contrast of the color, black and brown can be selected, and the fashionable and natural makeup surface can be used with the same eyeliner as the eye shadow.

If young girls can choose brighter and higher purity colors, middle-aged and older women can choose warmer colors such as light bean color, light brown and light orange. Do not take too much powder when applying makeup. First use a light-colored eye shadow to hit the eye socket, and add a layer of dark color near the eyelids, so that it looks too layered.

Lightening eyebrows should be natural: the color is not too thick, first use the eyebrow powder to sweep out the eyebrows, and then use the eyebrow pencil to focus on the painting. The eyebrows are clean and clear, the upper edge is loose, and the texture is prominent. The eyebrows are not too thin, and the natural and generous eyebrows are now more fashionable.

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