Everyone has a heart for beauty, and when you see those crushes that make up your makeup, you can’t help but feel a little heart, but for beginner girls, you have to pay more attention to some minefields. Come and see.

One of the modeling minefields: eye makeup that is too T-stage effect

The makeup of the day should be avoided too much, and the makeup of the T-stage is exaggerated. This kind of super-rich eye makeup similar to Cleopatra is not true for everyday life. Pink or brown eyeshadows are the best choice if you are an office worker.

Modeling mine zone 2: too shiny lip makeup

Moderately fruity lips look pretty, but too shiny lip makeup has the opposite effect, making the lips look too "greasy".

The shape of the minefield three - tanned skin

Wheat-colored skin represents health, but if it is too dark, it will damage the skin's dermal tissue. If you want to return white, it will be very difficult, and it will damage the skin structure and cause skin problems. Therefore, the sun needs moderate, natural is the best.

Make-up is also a skill, good skills can create a good makeup, of course, you need some tips, make the makeup look youthful and natural.

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