It is often said that seven-point plate making and three-point printing are used. The skillful use of some techniques in the plate making process can often be the finishing point for printing. Therefore, if you want to become an excellent design and plate-making staff, you must be very familiar with the entire process of printing in order to produce a printing plate that meets the requirements for copying of various manuscripts, and ultimately achieve the faithfulness of copying the manuscript for printing.

Whether it is offset printing, flexo printing, gravure printing, or screen printing, obtaining rich colors cannot be achieved by a single color. Many colors require more than two colors to restore the color of an approximate manuscript.

Below, the author discusses the application of indentation and hemorrhage in the process of plate making from concrete examples for reference by peers.

One, indent technology

Indentation technology refers to two or more color superimposed graphics, according to the actual situation in the plate-making according to the actual situation in accordance with the color separation of the superposition of the previous color version of the printing plate based on the original size slightly indented in order to facilitate Overprinting is accurate when printing, making graphics more realistic. For example, the “China Environmental Protection” mark on various packaging products on the market is overprinted with three colors of green, yellow and gold. In actual printing, many prints are difficult to deliver to users when overlaying green and yellow due to overprinting, resulting in great losses. Some people think that spot color green can be used to solve this problem. However, whether to increase the spot color green must also consider whether the company's own printing equipment has enough color groups to achieve this process. If the four-color, six-color, eight-color or even ten-color printing presses have been filled in all the color groups how to solve? In addition, there are at least two drawbacks for each additional color: First, the cost increases; second, it is more difficult for the printing operation.

The author believes that in this case, it is a good method to apply indentation technology during the plate making process. At the time of plate making, the yellow or green plate is indented, and the problem of overprinting is not easy to solve.

In addition, many texts on the packaging are also overprinted with multiple colors. According to common sense, text separation is not recommended. According to the data, the image overlay error in color printing is below 0.3mm, and the human eye does not feel obvious. When the text overlay error is around 0.1mm, the human eye becomes sensible. But in some occasions, in order to highlight certain artistic effects of the text, when color separation and overprinting must be adopted, indentation techniques can be used in the platemaking to reduce the printing difficulty.

Second, bleeding technology

Bleeding technology is to ensure the stability of the original design dimensions in the post-printing process. In color separation and platemaking, certain color plates are expanded outward by a certain proportion on the original design dimensions according to actual conditions. Modern packaging does not only go through a single printing process, but also undergoes many processes from printed products to finished products, such as: compounding and bag making in flexible packaging, coating, film coating, and die cutting in paper packaging. These processes can result in large errors between the design size and the actual size. Therefore, it is necessary to rationally apply bleeding techniques based on different designs. For example, many main colors of flexible packaging are full-size solids, and in order to ensure the stability of the basic dimensions during compounding, slitting, and bagging processes, the main color version of electric engraving expands by 1.5~3mm so that the finished products can meet the requirements. .

There are many techniques in the plate making process, such as trapping, increment, etc. If flexible application is made, faithful reproduction of manuscripts will be easier to achieve and customers will be more satisfied. (Author: Generation salute)

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