In recent days, Bandera, the Italian company, has demonstrated to the public its co-extrusion equipment for the production of high-performance multi-layer barrier films. The processed film has good flexibility.

The co-extrusion equipment consists of 5 extruders, 2 TR75AFS extruders for the outer layer, 2 TR35 extruders for the adhesive layer and 1 TR65AFS extruder for the barrier layer. The TR75AFS screw design is suitable for general purpose resins such as LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, metallocene polymers and ionic polymers. The thickness of the barrier material (EVOH or nylon) can be controlled to 0.02-0.03 mm, and the maximum width of the produced film is 1600 mm. The key to the production of high-performance films is the use of multi-component mass feeders and the precise control of the feed rate of each extruder, the use of advanced monitoring systems to ensure the optimal combination of feed quantities of various raw materials, and the monitoring of the thickness of each layer of film. The machine is also equipped with a loop temperature control system. The company also relies on melt flow analysis and simulation software to design the head, so the material residence time is short, the head pressure is small, the cost is saved, and the film thickness accuracy can reach 0.003mm.

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