Recently, Baoshuo Packaging Materials Division successfully developed a new product BOPP anti-fog film, which is the first in China.

BOPP anti-fog film is a functional film that prevents moisture from forming on the surface of the film to affect transparency. Early mainly used in agricultural film. As people's consumer demand changes, food packaging develops in the direction of convenience, hygiene, health, and freshness. In the packaging of various kinds of transparent frozen foods, high-temperature constant-temperature ready-to-eat foods, sweet and sour jam products and fresh fruits and vegetables, in order to prevent water mist from affecting the visual effects, an anti-fog film with anti-fog properties must be used for packaging. Therefore, the product has a good market prospect.

The new product has excellent anti-fogging and heat-sealing properties, high smoothness, puncture resistance, high transparency and long-term preservation. According to different packaged articles, different storage and storage conditions, and different application requirements, different process conditions are selected to produce anti-fog films with different properties and effects.

At present, BOPP anti-fog films can meet various performance requirements through laboratory tests and factory trials.

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