As a leading supplier of innovative plastics, Borealis will add new products to its Bormed Healthcare polyolefin range to expand its range of high quality thin film applications. The new product - Bormed TD109CF is a polypropylene (PP) heat sealing material, which has the processing advantages of high transparency, high purity, excellent heat sealing performance and sterilizability. End uses that benefit from these performance advantages include stand-up pouches, form-fill-seal (FFS) films, cover heat seals for medical device packaging, and cover films for blister packs. With this new product, the scope of Borealis' product solutions for the medical film industry has become very broad. Bormed TD109CF is sold through Borelot, a supplier of Borealis' entire product line in the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Bormed TD109CF meets the medical industry's need for pure polymers due to its low solubility and precipitability. Increased production efficiency can reduce production costs. In the production of co-extruded films, Bormed TD109CF has a very wide range of heat-seal temperatures and can be as low as about 35°C. The heat-sealing temperature allows processors to heat-seal different films on-line without requiring adjustment of the heat seal. Parameters to increase production speed. Its low 103°C~105°C initial sealing temperature shortens the production cycle, thereby increasing the speed of the production line and increasing the production potential. The new product can be processed by cast film, down-blowing water-cooled and blown film technology.

Peter Niedersüß, Product Development Engineer, Borealis Film Division, commented, “Before this time, processors were required to have excellent heat sealing properties, high transparency, high purity, and sterilizability, which are key to the film heat seal film in the medical industry. Performance-based heat-seal films have had to turn their attention to expensive raw materials. Bormed TD109CF can directly provide these properties without degrading the performance of the final product.”

In addition to the above unique features, Bormed TD109CF also has the key advantages of Bormed series developed by Borealis to meet the quality stability and suitability requirements for medical use in the pharmaceutical industry:
· Broad range of health care performance: including transparency, chemical resistance, sterilizability at 121°C, and resistance to environmental stress cracking. · Non-pollution quality: Strictly controlled process conditions ensure its pollution-free quality. : Supply of long-term sustainable product supply worldwide

Bormed TD109CF also meets regulatory requirements in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, including Pharmacopoeia and FDA certification.

Source: China Powder Machinery Network

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