Eye care is a very important lesson in women's beauty. Puffiness, eye bags, dark circles, fine lines are enough to make you look at the mirror for a long time. Don't think that you don't need it now. In fact, the environment of modern work and life is very unfavorable to our maintenance. For example, working in an air-conditioned room, facing a computer for a long time, with contact lenses, and so on. Our eyes are very fragile and must be given special care.

I want to be beautiful and eye-catching. I have a unique sense of eye cream. The unique formula of eye cream can make the skin of the eye hydrated. It is useless to apply ordinary skin care lotion around the eyes. Many eye care products can't help but dazzle, although they are sold. The price is not cheap, but it has won the buyer's sense of identity. It seems that women are more and more "eye-catching" consciousness.

What are the differences between eye gel, eye cream and eye mask that are currently on the market? In fact, the role of eye gel and eye cream is similar. Because of its refreshing texture, eye gel is more suitable for oily skin. It has no burden to use. It mainly eliminates eye bags, dark circles and soothes eye skin. The texture of the eye cream is thicker, and some are emulsion-like, so the effect of moisturizing is much more. In addition to the improvement of eye problems, wrinkles and fine lines can be improved.
According to the role of eye cream and eye gel, we can divide it into the following types, you can use it according to your own situation.
1. Moisturizing type: suitable for dry environment.
2. Anti-aging type: It has anti-wrinkle and sun protection functions. Suitable for summer and video workers.
3. Compact type: rich in oil nourishing ingredients, suitable for women with dark circles, skin aging and dry skin.
4. Anti-allergic type: suitable for sensitive and problematic skin types.

In addition to eye cream and eye gel, the eye mask is also a good care product. It belongs to the SOS first aid product, and it is effective when the eye suddenly appears. However, because it contains a lot of active ingredients, it is best to use it under the guidance of a beautician.

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