The state leaders are handling state affairs and suddenly reported that: Certain people in certain countries have once again reached Mount Everest. The leader asked: The height of the mountain is not high. We have no one to board. Answer: It's a bit high and nobody can get it. Leaders' instructions: If this is not possible, our mountains, the light will call them foreigners step on it. This is a major event for our Chinese nation. Calling a group of people and rushing to me and taking foreigners to climb is not a route. The operator was injured, and he judged the martyr. . . . . . This will have a mountaineering team.

Since then, the mountaineering team has found some mountains when they have nothing to do. They hold high the banner of glory for the country. They climb here, climb there, ring the bells on time, and eat on time. At that time, life is still nourishing. In the blink of an eye, by the 1990s, the fruits of reform and opening up were numerous. This was an outbreak, and there was skin. The eyes of the mountaineering team were also a little red, and they thought: Worse! Oops! When the state sends this money, it is not catching up with everyone now. As soon as we get together, the first people to get rich are considered to be a lot of embarrassment for the country. We cannot hold the gold rice bowl to discuss the matter. At the same time, the time has come for the people of insight to come to the fore, and it has come to an end. Almost overnight, outdoor sports clubs have blossomed all over the country. Today, this was only the top of the snowboard, and tomorrow it was to climb Gongga. Ever since, there has been a vigorous mass mountaineering activity.

No, it was a certain death from Dengmou. It was not good and there was an outdoor accident. . . . . . The risk of activities is high, and the participants do not know what to do. Insurance companies are not covered. Or is the club owner easy to use, stand out and drink, come! come! Buy our equipment and get a 20% discount and participate in the AA program. We don't make money, we take risks, and we'll go hiking with us. This shout is not tight, the bag head is slightly more than two, and the body is a bit oh oh, thinking a bit avant-garde, then followed by a few trips everywhere, there will be our mountain friends.

This mountain friend has more than one, there are many activities, many travel notes, many sentiments, there are many moving stories. . . . . . Nature also forms a mountaineering culture. With culture, there is a taste for mountaineering, the activity is on a high level, there is also attraction and so on, and so on, so forget about a few words. In short, there are many mountain friends, and they all have scorpions.

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