Patent Name: Closed-opening device for packages of pourable food products Patent applicants Trollhal Group and Finance Ltd. Principal Applicant Address Swiss Poly Inventor C. Casale; S. Dessimo Application (Patent) No. 03821387.7 Date of Application 2003.09.08 Approval Date Approval Notice No. 1720169 Approval Notice Date 2006.01.11 Instruction CD-ROM D0602-1 Main Classification Number B65D5/74(2006.01) I Classification Number B65D5/74(2006.01)I Division Original Application No. 2002.9.9 EP 02425553.1 Abstract A closable opening device (4) includes a bracket (15) surrounding a sealed package (1) for pourable food products. The piercing portion (10) fixes and defines a through hole (16); a detachable screw cap (17) which is screwed onto the bracket (15) to close the hole (16); a tubular cutting member (18), The cutting member is threaded into the hole (16) and rotated by means of the cover (17) so as to pass through the pierceable portion (10). The cutting member (18) has an end cutting edge (31) having a main blade (36) and a plurality of teeth (37a) behind the main blade; the first teeth gradually decrease in height so as to act on one by one. The pierceable portion (10). Sovereignty item 1. A closable opening device (4) for a sealed package (1) for pourable food products, the device (4) comprising: a bracket (15) surrounding the package (1) The penetrable portion (10) of the connector fixes and defines a through hole (16); a removable screw cap (17) which is screwed onto the bracket (15) to close the hole (16); tubular cutting member (18) ), the cutting member engages with the hole (16) and has an end cutting edge (31) which is used in conjunction with the pierceable portion (10) to open the package (1); The first connecting means (32, 33) of the cover (17) is connected to the cutting member (18) so as to rotate the cover (17) away from the cover (15) when the package (1) is unsealed ( 17) Rotating the cutting member (18) during rotation; and second connecting means (24, 26) for connecting the bracket (15) with the cutting member (18) in order to respond to the cover (17) The rotation of the rotator thus moves the cutting member (18) through the pierceable portion (10) along a helical path; wherein the cutting edge (31) includes a main blade (36); and at least a plurality of first Teeth (37a) along the first tooth (37a) Disposed downstream of the main blade (36) along the cutting edge (31) in a direction opposite to the direction of rotation of the cutting member (18); the height of the first tooth gradually decreases to act on the pierceable portion one by one (10) on. International Application 2003-09-08 PCT/EP2003/050614 International Publication 2004-03-18 WO2004/022437 English

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