There are differences in the country, and the human skin color is also inconsistent. As an excellent yellow race, how do we choose the lipstick that suits us according to our skin color? How can we create this kind of lip makeup?

Lipstick selection step: see color selection

Whitening: The purpleish red color gently blends into the pale skin, making it look warmer and doesn't make the entire look look too light.

Natural skin tone: It has a transparent red color, bright but not too blunt, and the red color can greatly enhance the color, especially the matte texture is more temperament.

Yellowish skin tone: Red or orange color is best for healthy wheat skin. Yellow emphasizes the brightness of people and can make the dark skin look shiny.

Lipstick makeup steps:

1. If the lip color is darker, it is recommended to clean the layer with the powder first to reduce the lip color error.

2. Apply a bright color to the lip brush, which is more uniform than applying it directly with a lipstick.

3. The color should be applied to the position of the meat in the mouth, so there will be no obvious difference after the smile.

4. Use the highlight to draw the edge of the lip of the lower lip, so that the corner of the mouth can be slightly raised, making people feel a smile.

5. The lip peak should be rounded, and the lower lip should be thicker than the upper lip, so the lip looks sexy and intimate.

Lip makeup is simple, but there are still some preludes that can't be ignored. Only the lipstick that suits your skin color is the perfect lip makeup .

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