Crystal soil (also known as crystal mud) is a product made from natural plant extracts such as starch, cellulose and seaweed, using advanced polymer synthesis technology. It is actually a nutritional additive that is shaped into a colorful water grain after processing.
Crystal soil has a high water and fertilizer retention capacity, which can provide water and fertilizer for plants, and is rich in NPK fertilizer and precious rare earth elements needed for plant growth.
In addition to a wide range of applications in the field of flower and tree planting, providing water and fertilizer, crystal soil has also begun to appear in the field of toys in recent years. Toy crystal soil is similar to plasticine, also known as "smelly mud" (the toy crystal soil itself is not stinky, but has a light fragrance). Low prices, common in street shops or vendors.
Note for toy crystal soil:
Children of 1. 0~3 years old use toy crystal soil to take care of adults.
2. Toy crystal soil is not allowed to be eaten, please consult a doctor immediately.
3. The toy crystal soil needs a moist environment (if you don't play it, please put it in the box and cover it). When the toy crystal is dry, you can put a little water to replenish it.


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