Daily Broadcast - Shan College | Winning a respectable and friendly mountain classroom. The North Face flagship store in London reproduces the fun of outdoor sports. The world's best mountain bike sports city: Hong Kong is among them. Zhenjiang will build a ski stadium with 3 billion yuan. Zhenjiang will build a ski stadium with 3 billion RMB. Frisbee-induced bloody case: "Voice Queen" Vaughan was admitted to hospital with a dog bite.

Hill College | A mountain class that earns respect and friendship.

Are you longing for the first snow-capped mountain in life? Do you expect to see more like-minded future mountain friends? Hill College, a mountain class that helps you to safely and calmly participate in international climbing and win respect and friends. Shan College Coach; Sun Bin, Shan College Coach; Bao Yifei, Shan College Coach; Zhang Yanjie. Aspire to climb the snowy mountains more safely and calmly, willing to make preparations for climbing time and effort; willing to grow up with partners with common goals; aged 18 to 60 years old, healthy, no major illness. After a 9-day closed training camp, the professional coach of Shanshan College will continue to track your training through WeChat, e-mails, care about your health, pay attention to your sports rehabilitation, and help you set goals for climbing. Copolymer Siguniang Mountain.

The North Face flagship store in London reproduces the fun of outdoor sports.

All say that London is one of the cities that are most sensitive to fashion and design, but in particular Londoners also have a tradition of dealing with bad weather. Recently, the outdoor brand The North Face selected the flagship store at 290 Regent Street, one of the most prosperous locations in London, targeting outdoor enthusiasts who live in big cities. Different display areas will decorate scenes according to the climate, such as "survival," "training," and "exploration." Each area introduces the corresponding outdoor sports products according to different seasons, such as "endurance running series", "outdoor travel series", "ski series" and so on. In addition, the store is also equipped with a wall equipped with light outdoor products such as city backpacks and single-day mountaineering backpacks. The mountaineering equipment area showcases top-level “Top Series” clothing and tents for outdoor lovers who climb high altitude snow mountains. Sleeping bags and other equipment. And in the footwear area, according to the category of multi-purpose sports shoes, walking shoes, snow shoes, endurance running shoes, cross-country running shoes and the like, it also provides a wide selection space for outdoor enthusiasts.

The world's best mountain bike sports city: Hong Kong ranks among them

When a friend who likes a mountain bike chooses a place to visit, does she have such a headache? Want to find a place to ride a mountain bike during the day and go to adventures in the wild. At night, do not want to live in uninhabited areas, hoping to have a city? Nightlife. The world-famous outdoor sports website MPORA made a selection and selected the most suitable city for mountain biking in the world.

1) Why Hong Kong (China) was selected: It is difficult to imagine that the busiest and most crowded cities on earth will have mountain track. But it does, and it's not bad.

2) Cape Town (South Africa) Reason for selection: For mountain bike lovers, Cape Town is a paradise. The designed cross-country route passes through Table Mountain and Lion's Head, which not only provides an excellent riding experience, but also offers panoramic views of the Camps Bay in the mountains.

3) Geneva (Switzerland) Reason for selection: Mount Sarayb, 5 miles outside the city, can provide you with a top riding experience. The better news is that if you do not want to climb a hill, there is a cable car that will take you to an altitude of 600 meters.

4) Edinburgh (UK) 5) Los Angeles (USA) 6) Girona (Spain) 7) Reykjavík (Iceland) 8) Sydney (Australia) 9) La Paz (Bolivia) 10) Vancouver (Canada)

Zhenjiang will build a ski stadium with 3 billion yuan. Zhenjiang will build a ski stadium with 3 billion RMB.

As the saying goes, "Snow and ice, but Shanhaiguan," except for the three provinces of East China, there are not many people skiing in other parts of China, and even fewer people are skiing south of the Yangtze River. In the snow-poor Jiangnan investment in building ski resorts, most people can't even think about it. But today, a Chinese-foreign joint venture company with a background in Austria’s foreign investment, Beijing Aoyue Ice and Snow Tourism Investment Company, has spent RMB 3 billion to build a large-scale ice and snow park including a ski resort in the Dagang New District of Zhenjiang.

“Our project itself is based on experience. There are no ski resorts in the south. Many people are very curious about skiing, but they do not have the opportunity to go to the northeast. Now that there are ski resorts on the doorstep, there will be many opportunities to experience ski fun. There will be many People play.” Wang Chuquan said: “The ski itself is very interesting. Ice skating and curling are also very interesting. Once you experience it, you will fall in love with ice and snow. So we don’t worry about future operations.”
At the opening ceremony yesterday, Shi Liwei, Consul General of the Austrian Consulate General in Shanghai, also came to the scene. She came to cheer for Austrian partner AST (China) Co., Ltd., and Shi Liwei was very optimistic about the project. She said that the Austrian company AST It is the world's most advanced company in the ice and snow field. Ao Yue’s investment projects in Zhenjiang will surely be successful.

Frisbee-induced bloody case: "Voice Queen" Vaughan was admitted to hospital with a dog bite.

US Alpine skier Lindsey Vaughan had to be hospitalized after being bitten by her pet dog on Saturday, and the cause of the incident was that she tried to “tune” the dog’s “robbing” battle.

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Downhill Champion uploaded a video of her finger being bitten by a dog and bleed on her personal social network, while restoring the truth of the matter.

“My dogs squawked in order to compete for a Frisbee, and I unfortunately was bitten in the melee. It was an interesting weekend.” Vaughn, 31, wrote on Facebook.

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