Land and inkjet printing

The color performance and high image quality of inkjet printing have satisfied most consumers, but the time for printing is still too slow, and the requirements for paper are also high. Although there are many special inkjet papers on the market, However, the prices are too high, it is difficult for the general family and student population to use universally, and often a high-quality A4 image is printed, it will cost tens of dollars in vain, so that inkjet technology can be widely applied to various papers. It is now the most pressing technology that needs to be developed. If it is not easy to make special papers for special materials more affordable, it is a direct and effective way to develop new ink components. In addition, changing the ink jet technology can also achieve this goal. For example, HP continues to provide more precise control over ink supply so that the ink droplets do not spread too much. Tektronix also invests significant resources in the development of new solid ink jets due to the low melting point of the wax. , so after heating it becomes a liquid, when it is sprayed onto the material to be printed, it quickly cools down to a solid, so there is no fear of dot gain, this technology can adapt to the most printed material Can even be printed on toilet paper or sandpaper, the potential for future development can not be ignored, but the slow speed of its printing, in addition to poor light resistance and machine prices are too high shortcomings, so there is still a way to enter the stage of popularization To go. Reducing the pollution of waste consumables is also a development trend. Many manufacturers now manufacture ink-jet devices that separate the ink cartridges from the print heads so that they do not waste the cost of the print heads when replacing the ink cartridges, but they often need to be replaced. Ink cartridges are not completely used up. They are only used in one color. Therefore, ink cartridges that can be refilled with ink can be developed or designed in the direction of individual ink cartridges. In addition, with the large-scale use of notebooks, digital cameras, and other hardware, the function of the printer has also been tested. In the future, in order to meet the needs of the market, an infrared input signal device is installed on the printer and can be directly connected to a digital camera. The output interface has become very necessary. It is believed that the practicality of inkjet printers will be more satisfactory soon.

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The rapid progress of inkjet printing has been superior to traditional printing in terms of quality. However, the speed is slow and the output is low. However, in terms of modern printing requirements, it is no longer suitable, because most of the printed products are now demanding. Personalized colors naturally do not require mass production. Therefore, the characteristics of ink-jet printing with no plate and variable prints have become the most competitive weapon in the market. In recent years, there are many output centers and wedding dresses dedicated to personalized services in China. Photography, and even the printing and chaining shop “Mulinsen”, which is a convenience store, have appeared one after another. The market pattern of traditional printing has been changed, and a personalized and regional printing new market has been formed. As far as home printers are concerned, if it is possible to overcome the high cost of consumables in the future, as well as to improve the preservation of printing speed, water resistance, light resistance, etc., it is believed that there will be feasibility for client-side printed Internet publications. Traditional printing will face another impact.

Source: China Design Printing Network

Source: Department of Print Communication, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan Pan Bingwei

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