The TLC scanner is a new product designed to meet the needs of current TLC analysis and TCM analysis. It has a fast processing speed and high resolution, and has low noise and good linearity. The instrument consists of three parts: light source, optical sampling system and thin layer chromatography workstation. The workstation control instrument can sample the thin layer chromatography and quantify the spots. The quantitative accuracy is similar to that of imported products. The DP23896 TLC scanning system is inexpensive to use. It can meet the needs of daily analysis of pharmaceutical companies and universities, saving time and effort is a good assistant for your laboratory. Specially built for GMP certification of Chinese medicine companies

Water-proof Sensor Trash Bin

Small trash can is multifunctional. Waterproof sensor garbage bin is IPX4-5 waterproof so that you don't have to worry about that the plastic smart trash bin will break down if it is watered by chance. You could place waterproof rubbish bin well even in the bathroom. What's more, the water-proof Sensor Trash Bin could help you rest your hands and more effortless to throw the rubbish. Just waving your hands or when your rubbish approching the sensor area 15-30cm, the lid will automatically open quickly and the lid will close automatically after 3-5 seconds count down. Moreover, you also could press the button to make the lid stay open to help you much easier trash.

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