Coca-Cola's "ice bottle" launched in Colombia is also a non-packaged route. Its ice bottles keep Coke cool after leaving the refrigerator, and can eat the bottles or cool them down after drinking Coke.

Green packaging continues to warm

Plastic packaging will eventually come out of its own path and become greener.

The Polish designer MajaSzcypek's eggs packaged with hay for HappyEggs is a classic example. It not only adopts a more sustainable material than traditional cartons, thus reducing costs and making it easier to produce. It is also easily reminiscent of chicken hens in terms of styling. Such packaging can in particular strengthen the main “organic eggs” and “release”. "Hen hen" brand positioning.

Ewing (Shanghai) Machinery Co., Ltd. will display GN100/250 ultra-large crusher, which has high market competitiveness in film recycling, wide-sheet recycling, PET/PVC bottle recycling, and rubber tire recycling. And cost-effective. In the area of ​​new materials, ExxonMobil Chemical Asia Pacific will bring innovative solutions to meet the requirements of sustainable development in the fields of soft and hard packaging, automotive applications and polymer blends.

The latest technological achievements in the field of plastic packaging, such as multi-layer co-extrusion technology applied in functional films and containers, and chemical raw materials and equipment used in food packaging, industrial packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, building material packaging, cosmetics packaging and other fields. Among them, the new concept machine that Germany Kaifair Co., Ltd. will introduce at the exhibition - infusion soft bag system, can save space and energy; the new medical bag filling system can do the most accurate dosing; High-speed pressure molding machine KMD78Basic has high performance and cost advantages.

For green packaging, various companies have been painstakingly pursuing continuous practice in various fields and seeking solutions for the implementation of harmonious green packaging. Globally, product packaging has always been one of the most sought-after research areas for environmental designers. Their exploration and practice can be roughly divided into five different ways. First of all, as much as possible the use of environmentally friendly materials is the most basic standard - which includes reusable, recycling, uniform recycling of used packaging, refused to use non-ecological materials, try to use fast degradation or completely degradable materials . However, it is not enough just to achieve this. For an outstanding design, the selected environmental protection material should have an organic connection with the product itself, and its shape should also reflect the beauty.

Packaging environmental protection simple strength

With the packaging on the big is too glamorous, difficult to protect the environment, difficult to recycle, difficult to degrade the three difficult for the government is a headache. As gifts, the more expensive it was, the hotter it was, the packaging was once very tall. However, in the past, the popular red rhubarb and golden glittering luxury packaging are rare today. Even in the high-end consumer products, the single high-priced wooden boxes, ceramics, metals, and other expensive and expensive packaging are all now available. Sharply reduced orders.

Promote packaging, packaging, printing to reduce, reuse, recycling and degradable direction. Today, simple and lightweight packaging is more liked, not only suitable for preservation, but also environmentally friendly benefits. In the "12th Five-Year Plan" safeguard measures of the packaging and printing industry, the following are emphasized: "Develop and improve green packaging printing standards, carry out green packaging and printing certification, implement the 'Green Packaging and Printing System Construction Project', primary and secondary school textbooks, government procurement products and foods Drug packaging is the key, and actively coordinated environmental protection, education, and other relevant administrative departments to carry out multi-level and multi-directional cooperation and vigorously promote the implementation of green packaging and printing.

Simple packaging is not the same as monotonous packaging

Coca-Cola's "ice bottle" launched in Colombia is also a non-packaged route. Its ice bottles keep Coke cool after leaving the refrigerator, and can eat the bottles or cool them down after drinking Coke. It is reported that although the price of this new product is 90% higher than that of bottled Coke, the hourly sales during the limited launch period are as much as 12 times that of the ordinary version of Coke.

Many consumers also expressed their concern: Will green packaging make packaging more and more monotonous? The answer is no, green packaging, the same can be very cool personality. The highest level of environmental protection packaging does not require packaging at all. For example, in Paris, there is an ice cream shop called WikiBar. The ice cream balls sold here are not wrapped in cups or cones, but are wrapped in a special soft shell one by one. The soft shell itself is also edible. It is made from natural food molecules and is fused with nutrients that are rich in nutrients. There are also different flavors to choose from. This ice cream package is a prelude to the “food revolution” initiated by David Edwards, a bioengineering professor at Harvard University. He has been working with French designer Francois Azambourg on new food technologies since 2009, with the goal of freeing food from various paper or plastic packaging and replacing it with edible protective soft shells.

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