Environmental testing can be roughly divided into "climate environmental testing", "mechanical environmental testing" and "comprehensive environmental testing". Environmental tests related to climate include environmental stress tests such as temperature, humidity, salt spray and pressure, while mechanical environmental tests include environmental stress tests such as shock and vibration. Here we only introduce the impact of climate-related high and low temperature shocks on products.

The high and low temperature impact test box is mainly for the adaptability test of electrical, electronic products, their original devices, and other materials when they are stored, transported, and used under the environment of rapid temperature changes. The test equipment is mainly used to perform environmental simulation tests on the physical and other relevant characteristics of the product under the conditions of high temperature and low temperature transient changes according to the national military standard requirements or user-defined requirements. Whether the performance can still meet the predetermined requirements for product design, improvement, identification and factory inspection.

Failure caused by thermal shock

In order to ensure higher reliability of electronic products, with the improvement of product moisture resistance, in addition to the relatively fixed temperature and humidity test, there are more and more requirements for temperature thermal shock test, which are specifically manifested in:

1. In order to reduce costs, adopt new materials and new processes;

2. The miniaturization of the whole machine makes the components more easily heated;

3. Components may be affected by severe thermal stress during processing, for example: when soldering;

4. Due to the requirements of product accuracy, the components are continuously affected by greater thermal stress;

5. With the popularity of portable electronic products, the product use environment has become more complex and demanding;

6. Reliability requirements and levels are getting higher and higher.

The cold and hot temperature shock is different from the ordinary humid and hot environment. It is through the hot and cold temperature shock to discover the potential failure problems that are difficult to find under normal temperature conditions. The only factors that determine the hot and cold temperature impact test are: test temperature range, exposure time, number of cycles, test sample weight and heat load.

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