The Fly 6 is a camera taillight mounted under a bicycle seat, equipped with a taillight and a sports smart camera lens. Its power can continuously shoot 6 hours of 720p video. The Fly 6 is able to capture the scenery behind the rider and the situation of the team. The Fly 12 is a bicycle light and sports smart camera lens mounted on the front handlebar, providing illumination and 5 hour 1080p video recording. Like the car OBD (Onboard Diagnostic System) device, the Fly 12 can play the role of record monitoring at the same time. After connecting the phone, the Fly 12 can record the time and distance of the ride.

The ly 6 and Fly 12 both use body waterproof technology. As a second generation, the Fly 12 increases the brightness of the light and extends battery life.

At present, Cycliq has raised nearly $330,000 on Kickstarter, and the Fly6 is priced at $250. Fly 12 is not yet priced.

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