Nowadays, the food bottle packaging market is paying more and more attention to health and safety issues. The supervision and supervision of the hygiene and safety of food bottle packaging from the production process to the raw materials and then to the market circulation have become increasingly stringent. However, although the food bottle packaging to the circulation of the security issues have been resolved. However, after the food bottle was opened, the hygiene safety of the food bottle packaging was ignored by us.

After the food bottle is circulated to consumers, it is very important to ensure food bottle hygiene and safety issues. The first is to improve the sealing performance of food caps, after the food caps have been opened. Maintaining the original sealing performance of the food bottle will greatly enhance the prevention of bacterial invasion by the food bottle, thus ensuring the safety of the food bottle. The second is to prevent bacteria from being brought into the food bottle after contact with the food bottle. We all know that there are tens of thousands of bacteria in the mouth. For example, when people drink beverages, their mouths come into contact with beverage food bottles, and after contact, they will cause a large number of bacteria to mix in beverages. In this case, if beverages are placed for a long time, they will be bacteria in the beverage. , affect the quality of beverages. In this regard, how to avoid the health and safety problems caused by the direct contact between the mouth and the food bottle mouth also needs improvement.


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