One hundred tons of "foreign garbage" from overseas can be smuggled into the country after being smuggled into the country by means of counterfeit goods with counterfeit goods and other counterfeit goods. After sorting, it can produce ten times or more profits. At the same time, these "foreign rubbish" It also causes incalculable damage to the ecological environment and human health in China.

The Intermediate People's Court of Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province recently sentenced a series of extraterrestrial smuggling cases. The two defendants were sentenced to 10 and 7 years of imprisonment, respectively. Experts said that the "foreign waste" entry channel was strictly blocked, and that it was necessary to strengthen multiple Source control, but also to increase punishment

In order to win huge profits, “foreign garbage” smugglers

In recent years, the smuggling of “foreign garbage” has seen a high incidence of smuggling. From the end of 2011 to March 2012, according to the clues sent by the China National Central Bureau of the International Criminal Police Organization, only Nanjing Customs has seized five false product names and smuggled imported foreign city garbage. The case involved a total of more than 4,000 tons of imported city garbage and captured 7 suspects

Why is the import of "foreign rubbish" so ambiguous? Customs investigators said that the reason lies in the huge interest-driven

The reporter learned that “foreign rubbish” mainly refers to urban domestic waste that has not been sorted and sorted out of the country, including a large amount of plastic waste metal, etc. These are sold separately after being sorted and generate huge profits.

Customs investigators told reporters that foreign suppliers do not make their own money, but earn government disposal subsidies for waste disposal. For domestic smugglers, taking this case as an example, each ton of “foreign waste” comes to Ashore price of 140 US dollars / ton, of which 10 US dollars to pay middlemen, plus import taxes and other expenses, the cost per ton of 1,000 yuan to 1,100 yuan, according to the suspects confessed, picked out of the waste paper market The sales price is about RMB 2,000/ton, and milk bottles, mineral water bottles and other plastic products sorted out are sold at market prices ranging from RMB 7,000 to RMB 10,000/ton, and the market prices for sorted aluminum cans are also RMB 4,000. RMB/ton

The low cost of sorting labor is another reason for the profits of these companies. It is understood that the domestic sorting cost is only one-tenth of the foreign sorting cost, and the domestic sorting worker’s wage is only 2,000 yuan per month, while the foreign The salary of the picking worker is around 2,000 euros/month, and there is also a big difference in the investment of protective measures during working hours.

These “foreign rubbish” also have unusable rubbish. It is understood that this part accounts for about 8% of the total, even if it is handed over to a qualified company, it only costs RMB 60/t.

Severe pollution of the environment "foreign garbage" illegal entry into the environment

According to the introduction of Nanjing Customs, not all wastes are banned from imports. Many countries in the world have paid attention to the recycling and utilization of renewable resources. In fact, China imports large quantities of wastes from abroad each year and obtains resources from these renewable wastes. Environmentally friendly and economical

However, wastes are not all “bamboo”. Take waste paper as an example. In China, waste paper that does not exceed 1.5% of impurities in compliance with environmental protection control standards, such as corrugated paperboard and waste newspapers and magazines, is allowed Imported, but like (scrap) wallpaper waxed paper carbon paper and other high content of impurities, low recovery costs, high environmental pollution, hazardous waste paper is prohibited from entering the municipal solid waste is even more prohibited in the list of illegal companies Utilize relevant national policies to falsely report the entry of prohibited urban domestic wastes into illegally smuggled and imported “discarded newspapers”

Particularly terrible is that unclassified smuggling of “foreign waste” is often “five drugs and tastes.” According to the Nanjing Customs, on the second day of seizing a batch of “foreign waste”, the on-site participation in the inspection directly “closely contacted” the goods. Customs officers and anti-smuggling police officers have successively experienced severe upper respiratory tract infections and epidermal infections. Moreover, plastics in these wastes are often highly toxic, and influx production may have serious consequences.

In addition, some smugglers “lost it” or simply dispose of waste that has no use value, often causing serious pollution to the environment in China. Zhangjiagang Customs will seal the “foreign waste” as evidence, although many measures have been taken. , but these garbage still caused environmental pollution in the past year

Enforcing Law Enforcement to Crack Down on Foreign Garbage Smuggling

The reporter learned that, in fact, if an “foreign garbage” wants to be smuggled into the territory, it must go through multiple checkpoints, including inspections at multiple customs outlets, such as the China Customs of the exporting country’s relevant agencies of the China Inspection and Certification Group. However, the smugglers rely on the tactics of the embarrassment to “cross over the sea”.

Smuggling companies must first defraud the "China Inspection and Certification of Waste Raw Materials before Shipment" ("CCIC" certificate) issued by relevant organizations of the China Certification and Accreditation Group. According to investigations, some illegal companies have passed the self-examination of exporters and modified the method of taking pictures. Cheat lead; some have faked bills of lading and spoofed

Customs officials told the reporter that the counterfeit product name was a major counterfeit product for importing “foreign garbage”. When packing, the waste paper with good quality was discharged at the container door. The intermediate consignee of the intermediary was applying for “CCIC” certificate. Export customs declarations, such as the import declaration of sea bills of lading, customs declaration, and so on, all have to falsely report urban waste according to the name of the waste paper that is discharged from the container door. In addition, contracts such as true and false contracts are required, and the smuggling of “foreign garbage” is increasingly rampant. Found that smuggling agents are basically trading companies and have a simple garbage sorting plant near the port in order to obtain maximum profit.

Officials of the Customs/Civil Court Court pointed out that it is very important to improve law enforcement at the source. Some problems existing in actual operations need to be resolved. For example, how can the "CCIC" certificate be more easily obtained? Through more effective technical means to improve detection efficiency and accuracy, in addition, companies involved in the smuggling of “foreign garbage” must also increase deterrence in penalties.

Why is it impossible to say a high degree of lofty sensibility? In many fields, we are not unfathomable, mainly because

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