[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Whether it is for single men or married men, they all need a "senior help" - wardrobe , for them to take care of their clothes, to help them do the storage work. What functions do men need for wardrobes, and how to choose different interior designs? Take a look at the following points.

Single wardrobe split half

Positive and negative shoe rack efficient storage

Men's wardrobe storage

The young unmarried men who just entered the job, the clothes are relatively small, only need a simple wardrobe, it is more suitable for the hanging area and the shelf area each account for 50%, and more active layers and adjustable drawers and baskets are provided. Adjust at any time based on lifestyle and future life.

An all-around wardrobe, indispensable to the configuration of the shoe rack, but the irregular shape of the shoes makes the efficient storage a difficult problem. The built-in small shoe rack made of elastic plastic uses the symmetrical shape of the shoes in a positive and negative manner. Can be cleverly solved the storage problem of more pairs of shoes.

Use the hangers to retract freely

Set the pants rack without creases

Single men's wardrobe design

Since the men's wardrobe is dominated by shirts and T-shirts, it is basically only necessary to set the short hanging area so that more space can be left for the drawers and shelves. Set up a flexible stretchable hanger that is convenient and simple when choosing a top.

The pullable pants rack is used to store the dress pants that need to be hung up, and can be arranged neatly according to the color of the pants. A trousers rack can accommodate a large number of formal trousers, and it is not easy to produce creases. It does not mess with other trousers when it is taken. It is a good helper to save the wardrobe space.

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