Gao Yuanyuan Zhao Youting married Goddess how skin care 1
Gao Yuanyuan Zhao Youting married goddess how skin care maintenance

In the blessing of everyone, Gao Yuanyuan Zhao Youting was married! On the 28th, the two held a wedding in Taipei and returned to Beijing on the 30th to thank the banquet. From the sweet smile of the goddess, we can see how happy the two people are! At the same time, the goddess with beautiful, career, and love is very enviable. It is inseparable from the skin that is soft and white with her. I want to know how the goddess is. Skin care and maintenance together and Xiaobian look at it!

Gao Yuanyuan Zhao Youting married Goddess how skin care 2

1, whitening sunscreen

The high round skin belongs to the kind of pure whitening. Her skin is perfect by nature, and the crystal and tender skin is one of the reasons why the scouts used to advertise. However, it is difficult for people to keep their skin transparent as they grow older. Many women are particularly vulnerable to the "yellow face" when they are 30 years old. Skin pigmentation is the most difficult to maintain whitening, so high roundness pays great attention to sun protection. Because work requires high roundness and often requires outdoor activities, you must know that ultraviolet light is the biggest killer of skin aging. Therefore, high round round will wipe sunscreen regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter. If you can, high rounds will also bring sunscreen tools such as umbrellas and sunglasses. In fact, many skin problems come from ultraviolet radiation, including darkening of the skin, darkening of the yellow, and dry lines, so whether it is cloudy or sunny days, high rounds must be UV-resistant. In addition, choosing a food that helps eliminate pigmentation is one of the ways to keep your skin white.

Human Acupuncture Model

Highly illustrated and detailed, these two colorful models depict 14 Primary channels, 361 acupoints and 48 extraordinary acupoints on the right side, along with "CUN" markers for easy evaluation of distances between points. The left side is a subcutaneous view providing an invaluable look at the neural distribution, artery, vein, blood vessel and muscular structures. The left side also depicts upper and lower extremity "Extra" point not located on the Primary channels. Suitable for teaching and learning of Chinese medicine, acupuncture and massage etc. Copper color acupuncture model is available.

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