People always advocated raise a good habit, but I do not know what good good good habits in the end, quietly tell you, good habits can make you have a good beauty skin.

1. Learn to sit up, people with good body posture will look younger, confident and happy.

Paul D'Arezzo, a professor of medicine in Colorado, USA, believes that people with good body postures look younger, more confident and happy than those who are languid and shoulders. Because the correct posture avoids muscle and joint pain, you can avoid the tension headaches that adults often encounter by reducing neck pressure. To get a good body posture, you can practice yoga and pilates regularly. Because these exercises will strengthen your abdomen, pelvis and lower back to help you support the correct posture

2, stop smoking, regular smoking wrinkles will spread all over the eyes and lips

Smoking will make you look and feel older, because it will not only shorten your life span of 14 and a half years, but also give you a "smoking face" - wrinkles all over your eyes and lips, and dye your skin A layer of gray tones. Remember, even if you smoke for a long time, smoking cessation will never be too late.

3, a smile, a bright smile will give a good impression of health and youth

Smiles will also become unclear as you age, and your age will become dull and aging. A bright smile will give a good impression of health and youth. So to make your smile more appealing, don't forget to protect your teeth, don't drink too much coffee and red wine, and don't smoke.

Paper Jewelry Box is a kind of jewelry box made of cardboard. The main material under the surface is paper board, which means paper box is lighter than many other kinds of jewelry box and is easier to change the shape.


Brand Name: Jinao

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China(mainland)

Surface Material: Customized

Inner Material: Velvet/ foamed plastic

Color: Customized

Size: Multi-size + Customized

Feature: Classic/ Elegant

Logo Printing: Customized

Usage: Jewelry Box/ Gift Box

Paper Jewelry Box

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