MD Drinks's all-natural functional beverages use Amcor PET Packaging's PowerFlex PET plastic bottles. The bottle can hold 16.9 ounces of liquid beverage.

MD Drinks was founded by Alex Hughes, MD, and a friend of Harvard Business School. Dr. Alex Hughes was very dissatisfied with the quality of the "functional drinks" sold on the market and began researching a functional beverage that is beneficial to the health of drunk men. This is the first functional beverage launched by the company and named Urban Detox. Urban Detox functional beverages are formulated according to the physiology of drunkards. They can effectively protect the liver of alcoholic intoxicated people from alcohol, and minimize the pollution of alcohol on the lungs. The ability of the immune system.

Select PET Packaging Based on Product Positioning

“Developing and launching products is only part of our entire project, and we are also looking for a package that can represent our products,” said Dr. Hughes. "First of all, we set our sights on screen-printed glass bottles, but later we thought that this package did not convey the message of "healthy drinks." So we started targeting PET packaging."

MD Drinks focused on Amcor's PowerFlex PET bottles and selected PET bottles with a diameter of 38 mm and a capacity of 16.9 oz. The biggest advantage of this PET plastic bottle is its non-reinforced design. The plastic bottle with ribs will limit the design of the bottle and affect the flexibility of the labeling. Without the rib design, the PowerFlex PET bottle can have a wide and smooth paste. Standard location and eliminate the possibility of wrong labeling.

Many new packaging advantages

Amcor's PowerFlex PET bottles do not require ribs. In traditional technology, these stiffeners are required for hot filling PET bottles. Because an internal vacuum environment is formed inside the bottle when the bottle that has been filled and sealed is cooled, if the pressure caused by the vacuum environment is not offset, the bottle body may be deformed or collapsed. Amcor's PowerFlex technology meets the PET bottle's requirements for hot filling. This 16.9-ounce PowerFlex bottle has a special bottom design that reduces the pressure caused by the vacuum and eliminates the need to design stiffeners. Such a bottle design is easier to label, and there is no need to consider the position of the ribs when designing the pattern on the label. Therefore, these non-reinforced PET bottles provide more design space for the graphic design of the label.

Compared to today's hot-filled PET bottles with stiffeners, the non-reinforced design of PowerFlex PET bottles makes labeling easier and more visually appealing.

Compared to beverage glass bottles, PowerFlex PET bottles significantly reduce the risk of container breakage during transportation and sale. At the same time, compared with glass bottles of the same capacity, PowerFlex PET bottles weigh only one-tenth of the glass bottles. This drastically reduces transportation costs. With only minor adjustments to current glass or plastic bottle filling lines, PowerFlex bottles can be produced on these traditional production lines.

About Amcor Corporation

Amcor PET Packaging is a leading manufacturer of PET plastic packaging products. It is a global supplier of plastic packaging for many food and beverage companies and has 70 manufacturing facilities in 20 countries around the world. Its parent company, Amcor Limited, is one of the world's top three packaging companies and provides solutions for customers around the world.

Source: "Beverage Packaging Solutions"

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