Recently, Heidelberg gave the new features of the violet laser CTP system Prosetter, further improving the flexibility of the system and increasing its production efficiency. It is reported that the 1000th Prosetter unit will be shipped overseas at the end of this year.

As a whole, the new Prosetter CTP system can be retrofitted with a single cassette (SCL) or a multiple cassette (MCL) as required. When using multiple sizes of plates in actual production, the use of multiple trays can greatly improve the flexibility and automation of the system. The new multi-storage storage box can store 600 0.15mm thick plates or 400 0.30mm thick plates, and can realize full-automatic platemaking smoothly. In addition, the plate can be replaced during the imaging process. This is a certain degree. On the other hand, the time for changing the plates is reduced, and accordingly, the production efficiency is increased, which brings more profits to the company.

The SCL's complete transfer system can smoothly complete a series of processes from the storage box to the imaging device and then to the precise online processor. It can also automatically remove the single sheet dropped during the plate making process. Printing plate. In addition, the SCL cassette can automatically collect 400 plates.

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