Looking back on 2013, the industry used “bottoming rebound” to describe the development of instrumentation in 2013. After the “savage growth” from 2008 to the first half of 2011, since the second half of 2011, due to weak demand, overcapacity, and inventory backlog, both the parts and the whole machine sales have encountered “market winter”. In this case, an instrumentation brand wants to stand out and attract consumers' eyes is not so easy. However, Beijing Yashilin has done it. In the instrument and meter market, Beijing Yashilin has always maintained a high popularity. It has not only maintained the top three in the national instrumentation industry for many years, but also has an excellent reputation in the entire high and low temperature testing machine industry. . All of this is because Beijing Yashilin has always adhered to two important cores: quality and service. The highest value of a successful product is definitely not the product itself, but the added value of the product brand. A successful brand is a symbol and a guarantee to guide consumers to purchase. This is an important guarantee for the development of a successful company. Today's market is a battlefield between brands. To build a good brand that can be universally recognized by consumers, we must start from the most basic, that is, the quality of products.

Beijing Yashilin uses its accumulated experience in the industry for many years, strives to develop new technologies, integrates resources, and takes the value-growth high-tech road to build the Yashilin test equipment into a world-class environmental test equipment enterprise, which is shouldered by the Yashilin people. Historical mission. In the process of moving from "China's Yashilin" to "World Aspirin", the service comes from sincerity and firmly marches towards a sustainable future!

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a small handbag made of rich fabric or beaded, ornamented, etc., and carried by women on formal or dressy occasions, usually in the evening.

Evening bag

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