Along with the continuous improvement of the quality of China's sheet metal, many large-scale sheet metal production enterprises have gradually adopted high-precision computer numerical control sanding machines, and even those high-precision micro-scale computer numerical control sanding machines, so that there are a large number of second-hand sands. The optical machine entered the second-hand market.

Some small businesses or new businesses are limited to the choice of second-hand sanders because of their economic strength. It should be said that second-hand sanders are scattered in the market, users can only buy through second-hand vendors, so from the price Can not be guaranteed to be reasonable. Generally speaking, the price of single sand is between 1.0 and 15,000. The double sand is between 1.5 and 30,000. The specific trading price of Sansha between 2 and 40,000 can fluctuate up and down, but In general, second-hand sanders are not too high because of their functional decline. Therefore, when purchasing, do not judge the price based solely on the appearance or the language of the seller.

Doing business can't just look at the front, if the strength is strong, then it must be good equipment. But limited to the current situation, if you can only use the old equipment, then you must first check your customer base, after all, because of the equipment, you Only low-end products can be produced. Don't be lucky. After all, the sander is the last step in the board and the most important process. The old sander must have certain defects or it will not enter the second-hand market. Old sanding machine also has his advantages. If the worker you use is not very skilled, you can use it first. If you are broken, you will not feel distressed. It is recommended that if you open a new business, if you lack skilled workers, you can purchase an old machine first. After a few months, it will be replaced by a new machine, and the old machinery will have less money.

In the second-hand market, sometimes you can buy good machinery. For example, if a company goes bankrupt for some reason, his equipment may be used soon, but you must check the real situation.

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