Furniture spending accounts for the largest proportion of the entire family renovation project. Its style directly affects the overall interior style. Its quality also determines the quality of life. Therefore, furniture has become the top priority of consumers in home decoration.

How to choose finished furniture?

There are usually two ways to set up furniture: buy finished products and tailor-made.

The finished furniture is produced by the modern furniture wood factory. The craftsmanship is exquisite and the details are perfect, but it is difficult to unify with the whole room style, and the size is also difficult to match the indoor space. Therefore, the small pieces of furniture that are easy to move, such as sofas and coffee tables, Buying finished products such as dining tables can basically meet the needs, but large pieces of furniture such as kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and bookcases are generally built on the spot or tailored as well.

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Size: Choosing finished furniture depends not only on the scale of the furniture itself, but also on how it feels. Avoiding large-size furniture in the home is reasonable from a flat layout and economical.

The style of finished furniture: the style of furniture refers to the general characteristics of the shape, texture, color, scale and proportion of the furniture. The complete set of furniture formed by different materials, structures, shapes and colors has its own unique style in a certain environment. What style of furniture is placed in the home depends on the owner's tastes and hobbies. But the principle of "coordination" must be followed.

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