A: We talked about how to buy a bag for a long time. In fact, the most important thing is to pack a backpack. The inner rack bag is uncomfortable to back up if it is not properly filled.

My experience is also inadequate, so it is best to have experienced outdoor enthusiasts design for you. In general, the back rack bag requires the body to tilt forward. Document.write("");ad_dst = ad_dst+1; This is also a drawback of the interior rack package, after all, the body will be very tired after a long time. However, a good filling method can solve or alleviate this problem.

Generally heavy things should be placed near the top and close to the back, such as stoves, lamps. If you have a high center of gravity, you can straighten your waist. Cameras and lenses can also be placed on the top if they can be placed in a small camera bag. If you come to the area you can take it out.

You put the sleeping bag and the clothing you don't need to change to the bottom, and other unused things are best placed below. Things that need to be frequently used are placed in side pockets, such as rain jackets, maps, compasses and the like.

Heavy, dense stuff should be placed close to the body. The farther the weight is from the body, the more the torso muscles have to use more power to balance the torque of those things back to the trunk. It is very important that the weight distribution of the backpack is a factor of the total weight of the secondary backpack. This is actually why backpacks fit as much as possible.

In addition, heavy things are labor-saving in the upper part, but where there is a need for flexibility (difficulties in climbing and skiing in areas where there is no road), it is more stable to focus on the lower body and the follower is better.

It is generally said that 80%-85% of the weight of the burden transferred to the genitals is long. Shoulder straps should be suspended about an inch above the shoulders by means of straps and straps above the backpack. The shoulder straps are in contact with the body in front of the shoulders and on the chest, and the backpacks are not backed by shoulders.

The problem of backward leaning on the inner frame is annoying. When the flexibility requirement is not high, I hang something on my shoulder strap. If you like photography, put all your belongings there, balance your weight before and after, and the camera is much more convenient. The map compass and snacks can also be hung there. Note that the weight of the front bag is on the shoulder strap. Because the shoulder strap is vacant, the weight of the front bag is the same as that of the main bag.

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