It is reported that beer brewers in India are testing a beer bottle made from a new type of PET mixture. Single-layer beer bottles produced from this material are easier to pasteurize. The manufacturer stated that the material is more comparable to glass. The key to cost savings is whether the market accepts it.

The resin made by Futura Polyester of Chennai, India, is a mixture of PTN and PET that has been tested by four brewers for bottling and market trials.

According to Futura's prediction, PET/PTN mixed beer bottles can occupy 15% of the Indian market with 1 billion beer bottles per year, partly because it offers better performance than conventional PET.

According to Sanjay Kulkarni, senior vice president of Futura Polymers, plastic beer bottles are more expensive than glass bottles from a single bottle, but if you take into account the low transportation costs and problems with plastic bottles on beer canning lines, With fewer factors, this mixed beer bottle is actually a little cheaper.

Kulkarni said that Indian brewers are beginning to commercialize plastic bottles because PTN is a polyester material that does not pose any problem to PET recyclers.

The company stated that in order to extend the shelf life, it is possible to add a self-developed oxygen scavenger during the molding process. According to Futura, the PET/PTN blend, developed by Futura independently, has 18 times better carbon dioxide barrier than ordinary PET materials, 3.5 times better than polyethylenenaphthalate (PEN) materials, and better oxygen barrier than PET. Times, 2 times better than PEN. The company uses 8% to 12% PTN in the blend.

Source: China Food Industry Network

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