Fresh-keeping packaging

U.S. researchers put a layer of plastic film containing a chemical called Ammosorb in the food packaging bag to remove oxygen from the package so that the packaged food can not deteriorate for a long time. The chemical substance is in a dormant state until it is irradiated with special light waves. Chemical effects begin to appear when exposed to special light waves. This means that in the packaging of foods, there is no need for complicated deoxygenation treatment, as long as it is irradiated with special light waves in the final process of food packaging.

Russian experts have added dehydrated acids, various mineral salts and enzymes to polymers in packaging materials. The surface of the packaging bag rich in these substances can absorb excess moisture in the packaged food and kill bacteria, thereby improving the internal environment of the packaging bag. At the same time, the enzymes in the additive can also regulate the odor of the food and create a living space for nutrients in the food.

A Japanese chemical industry company has developed an antibacterial plastic packaging material that is made by mixing synthetic materials such as fiberized plastic and polypropylene with an antibacterial agent used for food films to prevent microorganisms. And the proliferation of bacteria prevents deterioration of the foods, cosmetics, or drugs contained therein, greatly prolonging the shelf life.

Modified atmosphere packaging

In recent years, there has been an atmosphere-modified packaging for fruit and vegetable food packaging in the European market. This high-oxygen spontaneous atmosphere packaging bag, the combination ratio of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen in the bag can be adjusted according to the physiological characteristics of different fruits and vegetables, such as 80-90% oxygen and 10-20% carbon dioxide for perishable fruits and vegetables foods. . This kind of package has the advantages of inhibition of enzyme activity, prevention of browning of fruits and vegetables, prevention of fermentation caused by anaerobic respiration, maintenance of the quality of fruits and vegetables, effective inhibition of aerobic and anaerobic microbial growth, and prevention of decay. Fresh mushrooms are packaged in high-oxygen-adjustable bags. The shelf life can reach 8 days at 8°C.

Microwave packaging

Swedish Sprinter Company produces a flat-disk microwave package. The package uses C-PET material, using PET lining, multi-layer composite, and pressed out ribs. The packaged food can be directly baked into the microwave oven when it is taken out of the refrigerator, and can withstand a high temperature of 230°C.

Because the packaging made of composite materials made of aluminum foil and certain plastics has the disadvantages of being opaque, difficult to recycle, and cannot be used for microwave processing, the plated SiOX material researched and developed in recent years can be used as a substitute. SiOX is a layer of silicon oxide coated on PET, PA, PP and other substrates. This kind of coating has high barrier property, high microwave transmittance, and transparency. It can be used for soft food packaging such as high-temperature cooking and microwave processing. Made of beverage and edible oil packaging containers.

Heat-resistant packaging

In Japan, two companies jointly developed a packaging bag that can be used to cook rice. This bag has two layers, the outer layer is nylon with strong heat resistance, the inner layer is polyethylene film, and the water level line for discharging water according to the amount of rice is also printed in the bag. When used, just put the rice into the bag, add water to the corresponding water line, and then put the bag into the pot and cook for 20 minutes to cook the rice. This package is very suitable for use in the wild.

Frozen packaging

A company in San Francisco, USA, designed and manufactured a vacuum packaged fresh-keeping bag that can better prevent food from freezing and deteriorating in the refrigerator. The bag is made up of three layers, one of which is nylon for increased strength. An air extraction channel is also implanted on the wall of the bag. This vacuum bag is resistant to freezing and can be heated by microwaves. It can also be boiled, washed or resealed. The experimental results show that there is no weight loss in the foods vacuum packed in this packaging bag, there is no ice flakes in the bag walls, there is no obvious deterioration phenomenon such as fading, the vacuum bag can make the frozen food preservation time longer than the ordinary storage bag 3 -5 times.

France has successfully developed a frozen food cooler bag suitable for supermarkets. As a result, the problem of changing the flavor of the frozen food after being removed from the supermarket freezer is solved. According to reports, the appearance of such insulated bags is similar to supermarket plastic bags and paper bags. The bag is divided into two layers, the outer layer is general plastic or thick paper, the inside is made of nylon fiber insulation layer, the bag is sealed tightly above. The bag has a heat preservation effect, and there are various kinds of heat preservation bags capable of holding different temperatures such as 3, 2, 0, -4, -10 degrees Celsius and the like and long-term use of the heat preservation bags, and the capacity sizes are not equal.

Convenient packaging

A self-heating package has emerged in the UK market. It is a multi-layered, seamless container made by injection molding. The inner layer of the container is divided into multiple compartments to allow the product to self-heat. Its heating principle is that when the user pulls the foil on the container and presses the bottom of the container, the water and limestone in the container will produce a chemical reaction, release heat energy, and then heat the product.

The American packaging industry has developed an Instant Cool package that contains a condenser, an evaporator and a bag of desiccant made of salt, and catalytically generated vapors when cooled. And the liquid will be stored at the bottom of the package. It can reduce the temperature of the contents of the container within minutes.

Source: Flexible Packaging

Brandy Bottle

Brandy is a great distilled spirit, it's produced around the world as Cognac, Armagnac, pisco, and eau-de-vie, from grapes or other types of fruit. Brandy was also one of the most popular spirits which is why it dominates lists of the best classic cocktails. Glass is the most neutral and natural of packaging materials, It preserves and presents spirits flavor exactly as intended. When you drink your brandy packaged in glass, you are experiencing the pure taste of drinks, Nothing more, Nothing less. We are devoted our passion to make the great glass bottle to preserve your vantage wine.





Extra-flint, high-flint and flint glass


Machine made


50 to 3000ml or as your requirements


150 to 2000g and so on

Sealing type

Screw cap or cork


Any color as you requirement

Quality control

SGS, FDA, ISO9001, ISO14001

Deep processing

Silk screen, decal, spray painting, electroplating, frosting, sand blasting.

Delivery term


Payment terms


Lead time

New design drawing confirm within 3days, Sample mold within 20 days, bulk molds within 30 days, produce in bulk within 30 days


Q:  Are you a manufacture or a trading company?

A:  We are a manufacture which located in Chengdu city and Yibin city, Sichuan, China.

Q:  Can you customize the products?

A:  Yes, we are professional to customize glass bottle, we can design the new drawings and open the new molds according to your requirement.

Q:  Do you provide free sample?

A:  Yes, for cooperation sincerity, we are glad to provide you samples for free, but for new customer, the express cost need to be paid.

Q:  What is your MOQ?

A:  Our only standard for MOQ is a 40 feet container.

Q:  How long is your sample lead time, mold need time and production lead time?

A:  New design drawing confirm within 3 days, sample mold within 20 days, bulk molds within 30 days, produce in bulk within 30 days

Brandy Bottle

Brandy Bottle

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