"International patent" is actually a big lie two-sided toothbrush, sedative toothpaste, pollution-free biological fertilizer, solar water heaters, air conditioners, DVD players, and even deodorizing sterilized shoe powder, ultra-thin deodorant insoles are crowned with international patent titles, recently, Similar to this kind of international patent product advertising is common. However, who ever thought that “the international patented high-performance environmental protection battery project is the first phase of investment, low temperature characteristics, no pollution, fast charging, long life, no memory, high rate discharge, intermittent discharge ability......” An advertisement for a certain brand of high-performance batteries is similar to this kind of international patented product advertisement. Recently, advertisements have attracted many attention. What international patent products double-sided toothbrush, international patent product sedative toothpaste, international patented product pollution-free bio-fertilizer, what solar water heater, air conditioner, DVD player, even deodorant sterilized shoe powder, ultra-thin deodorant insole are all put on the international patent The wording of the product is really dazzling.
In addition to the frequent appearance of internationally patented products, the words "International patents have been filed" and "International patents" have often been used in product promotion. In Zhongyou Shopping Mall in Beijing, salespersons selling electric toothbrushes said that this type of toothbrush is an internationally patented product and technology has obtained international patents. When the reporter proposed to look at the national patent document, the salesman stated that there was no such instructional material. A salesman with a smart massage chair of Japanese technology paid special attention to reporters when referring to such a massage chair as an international patent product, but there is no material to prove. In Xidan Shopping Mall, the salesmen of the manufacturers strongly recommend nanocups that have been granted international patents and guarantee absolutely international patented products.
The words "international patent products," "already reported international patents," and "international patents" frequently appear to be unclear. Not long ago, the “22 Berne International Patented Technology Achievement Expo” scam produced by the Hubei International Patent Achievement Exhibition Center was evident in the world. Ming Tinghua, vice president of the China Invention Association, said that “there have been too many activities in the name of an international organization or fabricating an international organization to commit fraud in the past few years. There are often patent holders who have invited the invention association to help distinguish between true and false.” In the face of this, the word "international patents" must be carefully considered.
What are these so-called "international patents"? The person in charge of the patent knowledge consulting department of the State Intellectual Property Office explained that according to Article 15 of the Patent Law, the patentee has the right to indicate the patent mark and the patent number on the patented product or the packaging of the product. However, this merely means that it is possible to indicate in which countries the product was patented. As for those products that are still in the application stage, it is not allowed to claim that the patent has been obtained in the publicity. Gao Lulin, former director general of the State Intellectual Property Office and president of the All-China Patent Agents Association, said that "there is no such thing as an 'international patent'. The so-called 'international patent' is purely a deceit for consumers."
According to Gao Lulin, the patent right has a strict territoriality in law. It can only be created and put into effect according to the laws of each country or region, and cannot be protected in another country or region. If the inventor wishes to create patent rights in other countries for the same invention, he must submit a patent application in accordance with the laws of other countries. At present, there are two channels for applying for patent protection abroad. One is to apply one by one to the country, and the other is to apply through the PCT, the Patent Cooperation Treaty.
One by one, countries apply one by one, and the procedures are relatively cumbersome and require repeated applications. Therefore, in order to simplify procedures and reduce the duplicate work done by applicants and patent offices, in 1978, 18 countries jointly signed the Patent Cooperation Treaty, but the "The provision of a convenient channel for patent applications in other member states is a matter of course. Whether or not to grant its patent right in the end must be decided by the member states in accordance with the laws of their own country. No one agency can use it more.
Ironically, a company named Guan Yuan claimed that its SIXEYE hexahedron is an internationally patented product purchased from Israeli company SIX-EYE, and the chairman of the Israeli Ministry of Justice's Patent and Copyright Law Revision Committee said that now Without international patents, there is no possibility of any countries granting "international patents." Some international agreements have promoted the development of the patent system, but none of them are "international patents."
In fact, for consumers, they simply do not understand what is an international patent and who issued the international patent. The reporter interviewed 20 customers at Xidan Commercial Street in Beijing. Some people think that international patents were issued by an international organization, while others expressed that they did not understand this.
Dong Jingsheng, deputy secretary-general of the China Consumers Association, said that there is no international organization that confers the title of “international patent” on a technology. This is a big lie that some operators make use of consumers’ lack of patent knowledge and should be exposed. Relevant departments and industry organizations should strictly investigate and deal with this issue, and at the same time, they should also strengthen the popularization of patent knowledge. For example, many patents belong to design patents, but they cannot be equated with the advanced nature of products. Only in this way can they be correct. Guide consumers to rational consumption

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