The purchase of kitchen decoration materials , in general, the most important refers to the purchase of kitchen floor materials , wall materials , top materials . Waterproof and non-slip of floor materials is the key. The rubbing and washing resistance of wall materials is very concerned by the owners. The ceiling materials are mainly plastic gussets and aluminum gussets. The purchase of these three “face” materials must be cautious and sloppy.

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Floor material: best for tiles and bricks

Nowadays, people have very strict requirements on materials in the decoration. Some people use natural stone such as granite and marble in order to achieve the uniformity of indoor materials. Although these stones are sturdy and durable, but the natural stone is not waterproof, splashing water on the ground for a long time will deepen the color of the stone and become a flower face. If it is wet after a large area, it will be slippery and easy to fall. Therefore, it is advisable to use less or no natural stone on wet kitchen floors. In addition, although the process of solid wood flooring and laminate flooring has been improving, the most deadly weakness is the fear of water and deformation. At present, more materials used in the kitchen are still non-slip tiles or whole body bricks, which are economical and practical. Take full account of the moisture-proof function when purchasing materials in the kitchen.

Wall material: scrub resistant tiles are right red

Kitchen walls should be cleaned, oil-free wall materials, fire-resistant, heat-resistant and so on. At present, there are fireproof plastic wallpapers and treated fireproof panels in the major building materials markets, but the most popular ones are ceramic tiles with a wide variety of colors and active kitchen vision. The unique physical stability of the tile, high temperature resistance and easy scrubbing are the reasons why it has occupied the main wall of the kitchen for a long time.

Top material: gusset is worth considering

No matter which material is chosen for the ceiling, it must be fireproof and not deformed. At present, the ceiling materials for kitchens in the building materials market are mainly plastic gussets and aluminum gussets. Among them, plastic gussets are cheap, but there are fewer choices. The aluminum gusset plate is very beautiful. The common ones are square plates and long strips. The color of the spray is rich, and the choice is large, but the price is more expensive.

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