In the past, the rise of large and medium-sized Sichuan enterprises laid the foundation of the Sichuan industrial cluster in the Chinese furniture industry;

Now, the development of large and medium-sized Sichuan enterprises and the exploration of the future will determine the direction of Sichuan's industrial clusters.

To this end, after talking about the upward trend of the embarrassing and small enterprises of medium-sized enterprises, let us focus our attention carefully on the exploration of the future path by large and medium-sized Sichuan enterprises.

Since 2002, the total industrial output value of China's furniture industry has increased by more than 20% every year. In 2004, the total output value was about 12 billion yuan. The Sichuan furniture industry entered a period of rapid development at this stage, and some enterprises began to mass. The introduction of advanced equipment and vigorously building production bases, followed by an astonishing boom in production and sales, which formed a “collective outbreak of industrial clusters” supported by large and medium-sized enterprises in Sichuan – it was formed during this period. A large number of Sichuan enterprises of more than 100 million yuan have become the symbol of Sichuan enterprises, and they are moving towards the direction of Sichuan enterprises.

This group of Sichuan enterprises takes the leading enterprises such as Quanyou, Shuanghu, and Pearl of the Pearl as the model. From the very beginning, the products are positioned at the low-end and the market is quickly opened at a low price. . In research and development, we will do "micro-innovation" and "bringing" to save R&D costs; in the industry chain, we will pursue a "big and complete" product line to become more and more long-term, and realize one-stop shopping; on the channel, The whole country blossoms and does what ordinary people, including county towns and rural areas, can afford.

As a result, Sichuan enterprises have faced the factors of industrial location, geographical characteristics, market positioning and other factors. Through decades of development, in the Chinese furniture production sector, the Sichuan furniture characteristics operation method has gradually formed, and its own market has been initially established. Develop core competitiveness. Although it has driven the rapid growth of the industry in recent years, the facts have proved the correctness of its development direction. However, as the forerunner and practitioner of Sichuan furniture enterprises, the development of large and medium-sized furniture enterprises in Sichuan in the past two years has also exposed many problem. The current Sichuan furniture industry even has the "illusion" of "development backwardness", which is manifested in the situation of "development-oriented enterprises develop rapidly and large-scale large-scale enterprises are raging."

Why is there such a dilemma?

The long-term strategy of Sichuan enterprises needs to be adjusted and clear

Today's Sichuan furniture enterprises have already had certain competitive advantages in China in terms of scale and product chain. At the same time, in recent years, many companies have a clear direction in the strategic layout of production support across the country.

However, any development must have its two sides. If there is optimistic development, there will be optimistic development. In fact, some large and medium-sized enterprises in Sichuan have clearly fallen into a dilemma: without production scale, market product supply is difficult to support; increasing production scale, market digestibility and corporate fixed assets are under great pressure.

Do we have measures to deal with this?

Many medium and large enterprises have begun to move down to market terminals with the negative risks and pressures brought about by their own development. Non-stop requirements for merchants to expand; continue to promote low-priced products. Although doing so, it can rapidly expand the development of the company's scale, while weakening the pressure of the company's short-term expansion; however, maintaining this transitional abuse of market resources will inevitably lead to market terminal dealers' resistance and loyalty to the company, such a serious The consequence is that the core of the Sichuan enterprise market will be self-destructive. In fact, such consequences have now emerged: it is no accident that business operators are losing money. The brand operation of dealers and the betrayal of brands have become the norm in 2012 – and because of this, some small-sized Furniture companies or some companies that cater to the needs of the market are booming.

Therefore, corporate decision-makers must conduct a scientific assessment of the market and corporate product digestion capabilities, and develop a reasonable research plan for product size and market size. It is a pity that we have seen that most of the Sichuan enterprises are unpredictable in the face of the current unpredictable situation. Some enterprises even have some fears of facing these changes, and prefer to "catch their cars and not look at the road."

Of course, what we have to admit is that "no scale will be eliminated; no brand will die out." This is the consensus that large and medium-sized enterprises have formed. But in this process, we must have clear strategic ideas to avoid risks in the development of enterprises. For example, in the terminal cooperation, if the strategy can not find a balance point for the win-win situation of the manufacturers, it is definitely an unreasonable strategy. We must use our brains to make a new strategy of combining enterprise development with market terminals - the former large and medium-sized Sichuan furniture enterprises. Development is dependent on a good development strategy. What we need more now is adjustment and reflection: Have we ever won a product or a product chain? Is the terminal platform winning, or is the terminal operation winning? - This is a question that our corporate decision makers should think about.

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