[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The more precious items, the more you need to know how to maintain them. Because of its beautiful shape and high collection value, mahogany furniture has a very strong artistic atmosphere and has been loved by everyone. The mahogany wardrobe is also a kind of mahogany furniture. It is popular among people in the market. Although the mahogany wardrobe is durable, it must be used reasonably and properly maintained to prolong its service life. In the fall, the mahogany wardrobe should be better maintained, add some oil to it, and make the mahogany wardrobe more glamorous.

Because of the superior mahogany ground, the traditional craftsmanship, the surface coating is mainly wax and natural lacquer, it is best to use natural oil--walnut oil for maintenance. Walnut oil is a good curing agent, made from walnut kernels with a light fragrance. Because it does not contain chemical components, it is a natural environmentally-friendly grease. It is also a kind of dry oil. It is rubbed on a mahogany wardrobe and dried to form a protective film, which can reduce the intrusion of humid air in the atmosphere and prevent the wardrobe from cracking. .

Mahogany wardrobe maintenance

Mahogany wardrobe "refueling" method:

A. Put a little walnut oil onto the cotton thread, spread it evenly with your hand, and try to wipe it on a clean table or cabinet. After rubbing 2-3 times, the gloss of the walnut oil on the table top is appropriate. When cleaning, you need to carefully wipe along the texture of the wardrobe, so that the wooden wardrobe that is wiped out absorbs the essence of the walnut oil just right, the light is bright, the dead corner of the ornamentation will not have excess oil stains, and the dust of the dead corners will be decorated. Can also be cleaned up together;

B, the use of walnut oil to wipe the wardrobe frequency should not be too much, under normal circumstances, 2-3 months can be used once;

C. When wiping the surface of the wardrobe with a rag with walnut oil, it must be in an appropriate amount. The oil is rubbed too much, and the wood is difficult to absorb at one time. The oil that is not absorbed on the surface is easy to stick to dust;

D. The season of curing with walnut oil is best selected in the early spring and early autumn, because it is easy to leave sweat on the surface of the wardrobe in summer, and the dry dust in winter is easy to form dirt.

E. The walnut oil used to maintain the wardrobe is only suitable for wardrobes that are not painted and treated by waxing. The frequency of use should not be too high. Generally, it can be used once a month. In a relatively dry environment, the maintenance interval can be shortened appropriately and maintained once a month. It is also important to note that although walnut oil can be "dried", it must be used when it is used normally. The oil has the characteristics of vacuuming. If the amount is too large, the dust will adhere and the greasy feeling will be generated.

F. Pure walnut oil in the cold weather will not freeze into pieces, but it is often worse when it is blended with other ingredients. If there is no walnut oil for the time being, it can be rubbed with walnuts and rubbed with antique cloth (preferably not with chemical fiber cloth). The effect is also very good. Walnut oil has a health effect on humans, but due to the influence of processing technology and processing conditions, the walnut oil used to wipe the wardrobe must not be eaten.

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