After each wear, remove the insole, relax the shoelace, and let the shoes dry naturally. If the shoe is very wet, fill it with newspapers or shoes (don't forget to replace the wet newspaper from time to time). At the same time avoid leaving the shoes in a hot environment (including the car). Do not store dry shoes in a damp space (leather is a natural product and prone to mildew).


Dirt particles will enter the leather fiber, causing the fiber to wear and break.

----a. For dirtier GORE-TEX shoes - use a brush to clean it first. For non-leather shoes (such as nylon), use a sponge to dip in warm water. If it is oil stains, or very dirty stains, it is best to use leather cleaners and nylon brushes to clean the surface. As for the inner lining of the shoes, use a damp cloth to wipe clean, because the salt from the sweat will quickly pass through the liner Into the pores of the leather, the leather tissue is destroyed, dried and cracked.

----b. Clean the GORE-TEX shoes - When the shoes are dry, brush away the floating soil and use a water repellent. Do not use shoe polish or shoe polish. They will weaken the shoe's breathability.

----c. Cleaning non-leather GORE-TEX shoes - wash in cold water and dry naturally. After drying, it was treated with a water repellent. Do not use shoe polish or shoe polish. They will weaken the shoe's breathability.


----a. All shoes must be allowed to dry at room temperature. Because the leather is easy to be damaged, deformed and bent, dry and burst, do not put the shoes close to heat or exposure to sunlight.

----b. Thick mud let the wind dry and clean. Do not use fire to dry the hiking boots. Excessive heat will cause the leather to dry and wrinkle, and the adhesive properties will also be destroyed, which will melt the soles of the boots.

----c. Do not use stove or hair dryer to dry! If you use stove or hair dryer to dry, not only will it be seriously deformed, causing cracking or opening of plastic, but it will also seriously affect the service life.


Well-maintained hiking boots can last for several years. Regular use of footwear care products, maintenance of leather and restoration of surface water resistance. If the GORE-TEX shoe is not subjected to maintenance and water repellent treatment, the waterproof breathability of the GORE-TEX film will not be impaired, but it will affect the breathability, durability and comfort of the shoe. GORE's recommended water repellents can be used.

----a. You can use the cortex protective spray wax or GORE-TEX spray wax to spray the hiking shoes evenly 2-3 times, which will help to prolong the service life.

----b. Water repellent treatment: After non-leather shoes are treated with anti-water agent. The water will invade from the seam line, and the waterproof agent can improve the waterproof degree of the upper and the suture. The newly purchased climbing boots must be re-applied with the waterproof agent for a period of time. The climbing boots must be kept dry and clean, and the waterproof agent must be sutured. Lines and pinholes, one to two days prior to activity, must be waterproof. Silicone-based sprays can be used, and any boots must be dry.

----c. Polishing oil on the tongue can prevent the leather from making noises. Rubbing oil on metal parts can prevent them from oxidizing and rusting.

Change the sole:

----The wear rate of boots is faster than that of the upper. Generally, high-priced hiking boots can be replaced. The updated soles will be tight because the upper has changed its original size.

---- Keep the insole clean.

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