Recently, many provinces and municipal quality supervision departments in Shaanxi and Tianjin issued the quality supervision report on product supervision and inspection in the second quarter of 2011. The products produced by many furniture enterprises were unqualified, and the amount of formaldehyde released exceeded the standard of product quality.

It is understood that in the second quarter of Tianjin, 242 batches of products were randomly selected, and the pass rate was 97.52%. Among them, 6 kinds of furniture produced by 6 companies were notified due to unqualified inspection items of formaldehyde emission or drawer durability.

The sampling rate of 40 sets of samples such as wooden cabinets, dining chairs and wooden coffee tables sampled by the Anhui Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau was 70%. From the results, 42% of the problematic products were unqualified for formaldehyde emission detection.

The 95 batches of 95 production and distribution enterprises of Shaanxi Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau have a physical quality pass rate of 80%. The main problems are the amount of formaldehyde released, the requirements for metal parts, and the strength of the drawer slides.

It is reported that the amount of formaldehyde released in the problem product is less than 2 times the limit, and up to 5 times. The main reason for the unqualified amount of formaldehyde emission is that some enterprises use inferior artificial boards to reduce costs, use unreasonable adhesives in formulas, or use waste building templates in raw materials.

Small brands become formaldehyde-excessively severely affected areas

In the list of problem companies published by the provincial and municipal quality supervision bureaus, the reporter found that there are no well-known brands, and almost all of them are products of local small brands. The small furniture brand has become the hardest hit area with excessive formaldehyde emission.

Chen Xiaotai, president of Baiqiang Furniture, said that as early as 2005, the company went abroad and introduced European environmental protection sheets with formaldehyde emission two to three times lower than domestic standards. However, the reporter learned from the insiders that many small enterprises sacrificed product quality in order to obtain huge profits. The environmental protection grades of materials such as sheet adhesives are not up to standard, or the production process is not strict, resulting in repeated violations of formaldehyde.

Song Guangsheng, director of the National Indoor Environment and Indoor Environmental Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, advised consumers to avoid buying furniture with excessive formaldehyde, and first try to buy brand furniture. Secondly, the national furniture consumer goods specification requires manufacturers to identify the formaldehyde emission index of furniture, consumers. Manufacturers can be asked to show.

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