With the harsh environment and more and more sandstorms, natural disasters are inevitable. What we can do is to strengthen the product's various defense capabilities, such as lights, meters, electrical dust jackets, steering systems, door locks, etc. In the process of storage, transportation and use, it is often affected by the dust environment, especially the automotive electrical appliances are more affected by sand and dust. The sand dust test box is mainly used for the test of IP5X and IP6X as specified in the enclosure protection level standard. The test equipment that uses the artificial simulated sand dust environment to test the dustproof capacity of the test piece, then some customers will ask, in addition to knowing its use and maintenance, the newly purchased sand dust test box has nothing to put on the equipment placement site. What is required? The sand dust test box site placement conditions must meet the following requirements:

1. Avoid environments such as humidity, direct sunlight, and dust.

2. Space should be set at 80 cm around the wall. Do not stick to walls or other test equipment.

3. For the stability of the equipment, the ambient temperature and humidity should be maintained at: temperature 5 ° C ~ 30 ° C, humidity ≤ 85% RH.

4, to avoid bump inequality, should be installed on the level of the ground.

5. The installation site should be well ventilated and easy to operate around.


Outdoor Flowerpot

The outdoor flowerpot is a European-style peacock blue flowerpot ceramic extra-large and high-end customization, with a unique design.

Fashionable and suitable for different places, it is very popular among European and American families. It can be cultivated with your favorite plants, and the bowls are highly ornamental, which makes people pleasing to the eyes for indoor and outdoor decoration and highly ornamental.

There are various styles and styles, many choices, beautiful and elegant, unique, and there are scenery everywhere.

Hand-made, high quality, simple and elegant colors, strong artistic sense, the best for modern gardening decoration.

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