Electronic density meter is a professional density testing instrument for testing the density of materials. The new electronic density meter is a density measuring instrument that combines Archimedes' principle with modern microelectronics technology. Generally, water is used as the measuring medium, which is simple, convenient, and economical.

The density of water changes with the change of temperature. The professional electronic density meter of Beijing Yitenuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. uses water as a medium to measure, the instrument has the function of temperature compensation, in order to make the density measurement more accurate and reduce the operation Errors in the process, then we need to set the water temperature compensation.

Water temperature compensation method of electronic density meter:

1. When setting the weight of standard weight in distilled water, the actual temperature of distilled water needs to be set first, and the specific gravity of water will change with the change of water temperature, so it needs to be based on the specific gravity of 4 degrees of water 1.000 Temperature compensation.

2. For the temperature compensation coefficient of water, our electronic density meter has stored a billion value of 0-49 degrees Celsius. After measuring the actual temperature of the water with the temperature before the test, change the corresponding temperature to the temperature indicated by the thermometer. (The water temperature differs by 6 degrees and the specific gravity will differ by 0.001).

3. The default temperature of the machine when the electronic density meter leaves the factory is 25 degrees. Press the [A] key for a long time to enter the temperature value modification.

4. The operation steps are as follows:

1. Press and hold the [A] key for a while until the screen displays [C25].

2. Press the [A] key to modify the number, and press the [ZERO] key to shift.

3. After completing the changes, press the [ENTER] key to confirm, confirm the changes and return to the test mode.

Method for setting water temperature compensation of electronic density meter

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