With the rising temperature, the bright spring came to you and me. In the spring of March, the sisters will join hands with his beloved one to enjoy the spring bath. What kind of makeup can highlight your temperament and make him fall in love at first sight? Noble and exquisite lady makeup is your best choice, capturing his heart with temperament in early spring!

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Exquisite lady makeup

Point 1: highlight eye high gloss & white lower eyeliner eye makeup

Point 2: high light smile muscle blush

Point 3: rich fleshy pink lips

The first step: highlight the eye highlights & white eyeliner eye makeup

The round baby eye presents a more noble temperament because of the use of high-gloss smudges, the black eyeliner focuses on the end of the eye, and the white eyeliner brightens the lower eyelid.

Upper eyelid depicting fine eyeliner

Draw a thin eyeliner along the root of the eyelashes.

Paste upper and lower false eyelashes

The upper eyelids are attached to the whole false eyelashes, and the lower eyelids are attached to the lower eyelids.

Inner eye socket is brightened with white

The high-gloss powder is applied to the c-shaped area inside the eye socket and the eye. Mucosa outline white eyeliner

Mucosa outline white eyeliner

A silver-white eyeliner is used at the mucosa to outline the entire inner eyeliner.

The second step: high light laugh muscle blush

Let the highlights and the eyes smudge together, naturally can emphasize the cheeks in the triangle, there is no need to use the repair step.

Smear light pink blush

A small amount of light pink blush was swept across the laughing muscles.

Mixed blush and highlight

Blends blush and highlights to blend colors.

The third step: rich fleshy pink lips

Bright or matte is not enough to interpret the noble sweetness, and the rich lips are what we want.

Apply nude lipstick

Apply a moisturizing nude lipstick to cover your lips.

Apply pink lip gloss

The center of the lip is brightened with lip gloss to make the lips fuller.

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