HY-HF-100 Oil Moisture Detector is a portable instrument independently developed by our company that can continuously monitor the moisture content of oil on-line. Supports online testing of oil using the latest German technology. The product is equipped with detector and analysis software, which can quickly and accurately detect the moisture content in the oil and connect with external equipment through the serial port. Main features: 1 The product is continuously measured by screw sensor to detect the moisture content in the oil. The oil state changes are measured and recorded. The data is updated in real time and stored continuously. 2 The top of the product is a 3/4 inch diameter probe. It can be directly inserted into the oil circulation circuit and fuel tank for testing. 3 It uses RS232 serial interface for communication. 4 Data is read through the serial interface, and the data can be stored for up to six months. Technical parameters: Basic parameters Specifications Unit operating voltage 10 bar Operating temperature range 20-100 °C Power 9-36 V Material galvanized steel Measuring range Dielectric constant 1...5 Humidity 0...100 % rH Conductivity 0. ..90000 pS/m Temperature 0...100 °C Measurement resolution Dielectric constant 1*10-4 Humidity 0.1 % rH Conductivity 0.1 pS/m Temperature 0.3 K Measurement accuracy Dielectric constant ± 0,015 Humidity ±3 % rH Conductivity
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