As a printing surface decoration method, glazing has been favored by packaging and printing users in recent years. The reason is that a thin and uniform transparent and bright layer formed on the surface of printed matter after being coated with a colorless and transparent coating on the surface of the printed matter can effectively improve the surface properties of the printed matter, and can not only enhance the printability. The glossiness of the surface makes the packaged product more visible on the shelf, increases the added value of the product, and can play a role in protecting the printed graphic.

The glazing process can be divided into off-line glazing and on-line glazing according to its processing method. Off-line glazing, namely printing and glazing, are carried out on special machines, and special glazing machines or calenders are required for glazing. For some folding carton manufacturers, off-line glazing is an excellent choice not only because it can achieve higher gloss than on-line glazing, but also because it is highly flexible and not The investment is small. However, the offline glazing system has a relatively low production efficiency because most of the offline glazing has increased transportation and transfer between the printing and glazing processes.

After the glazing unit is connected to the printing unit, the printing and coating are completed once. Gravure printers, offset presses, and some screen printers can now implement this process without the need for additional dedicated glazing equipment. It not only saves money, improves work efficiency, but also overcomes various quality problems caused by offset printing and dusting. Therefore, on-line coating has become an attractive coating solution. However, on-line coating has high requirements for coating technology, coating oil, drying equipment and coating equipment.

As for the choice of online glazing or offline glazing, industry experts suggest that you have to decide according to the actual situation of the users themselves. Because on-line coating and off-line coating have their own advantages and shortcomings, which kind of coating method is chosen, the economic status of enterprises must be taken into consideration. The existing configuration of the enterprise and the products to be processed are even more important. We can not be ignored.

The online coating market is basically mature. More than 20 years ago, Manroland introduced the first online printing machine to the industry. Since then, online coating has been warmly welcomed by packaging and general commercial printers. After more than 20 years of exploration and practice, the development of online glazing has been in full swing. For example, half of Manroland's equipment is now equipped with an on-line coating device. According to the company’s related sales personnel, the number of users who purchase on-line glazing equipment in China has also increased. Initially, these users were mainly concentrated in the south, and users in the north are gradually getting more and more, and they are mainly used for packaging products. The packaging and printing market showed a rapid growth. For online coating of packaging products, this is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity.

For a long time, there has been a point of view that the main purpose of on-line coating of offset printing presses is to increase production efficiency and solve some problems caused by powder spraying. From the perspective of glazing effect, on-line coating is far inferior to off-line coating. Therefore, the use of on-line coating for finishing glazing still has some drawbacks.

There are some companies specializing in glazing technology in China, which provide both stand-alone glazing equipment and on-line glazing unit supporting services. Some domestic packaging users have successfully installed on-line glazing units in the original printing production line. According to reports, the current market demand for on-line coating is quite large, but the main purpose of on-line coating is to shorten the processing cycle of printed products, and to reduce processing costs and reduce waste.

Some people have also analyzed the use requirements of Manroland's users, arguing that using glazing to increase the speed of printing is not the main purpose of the user. The main purpose is to achieve a gloss effect. Different gloss effects such as light or matt, partial gloss, etc., these online coating can be done. Manroland also has an offline polishing machine, but now it is more efficient on-line. It can reduce the handling of cartons and cartons. As a result, the sales of on-line coater units is increasing, and sales of stand-alone coating machines are decreasing. In the field of flexo printing, a domestic company is a good example. In the company's modern factory building, four flexo lines are running at full speed, and each flexo line is equipped with an on-line glazing unit. The company uses these four flexo printing lines to mainly engage in the printing and processing of cigarette packs, including soft pack boxes, strip boxes, hard pack flaps, small boxes, and large boxes.

The choice of glazing coatings tends to be environmentally friendly and functional. Some users have now seen glazing as a printing process that is already indispensable. For the use of Shanghai Guangbo, it must be based on the needs of customers. At present, the functional requirements of customers for coating are more and more and more and more high, because many packaging printing products must complete the entire packaging process on the automatic packaging equipment, and must be stored and transported in some special environments. Therefore, some customers want good gloss, while others want good wear resistance.

Solvent-based coating oils have been commonly used before, but their properties in water resistance, abrasion resistance, and drying properties are slightly inferior, and alcohols are organic volatile substances, and they are environmental protection, operators, and users. Health is harmful. Therefore, the use of solvent-based coatings has gradually decreased in the field of packaging and printing in recent years.

The above products have a great demand for glazing, such as post-printing processing, and also have high requirements for the quality of glazing. The on-line coating has many advantages, and it is more convenient to use. After finishing printing, cutting, or die-cutting, the entire production process is greatly shortened, and product quality can also be guaranteed. Therefore, the development of online coating in these areas is very optimistic.

On-line coating technology has been perfected. It has been reported in the past that on-line coating will reduce the printing speed. How is the problem currently solved? Manroland has deliberately lengthened the drying device so that the on-line coating unit does not affect the printing speed, so that the speed of the on-line coating is consistent with the printing speed without coating. 1500 sheets/hour to 1600 sheets/hour. Users who have used it are certain to say that the current issue of Flexo Online Coating does not affect the printing speed at all. Our current online coating speed has reached around 110 meters per minute. No one has ever felt that online coating works. Will affect the printing speed. Most of the flexo manufacturers I know use online glazing and the results are good.

Whether it is offset printing on line, or on-line coating of flexo and gravure printing, its development trend is almost the same, that is, it is adapted to the continuous development of the packaging industry and therefore has an encouraging development prospect.

Reprinted from: China Packaging News

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