Testing standards and testing methods: EPA3540C: 1996, EPA8207D: 2007, ZEK01-08

Relevant regulations and directives: 76/769 / EEC, 2005/69 / EC, Japanese Labor Safety and Health Law, German GS certification requirements ZEK01-08, German Food Law, etc.

In 2005, the EU Directive on PAHs Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (Directive 2005/69 / EC) restricted the use of 16 substances PAHs including benzopyrene (Bap).

Based on the fact that the PAHs of imported products found in German ports have exceeded the standard, the Experience Exchange Office of the German Safety Technology Certification Center (ZLS-ATAV) stipulates that from April 1, 2008, all GS mark certification agencies will add PAHs test items Products that pass the PAHs test will not be able to obtain GS certification and enter Germany smoothly.

PAHs are a general term for a class of aromatic compounds, mainly derived from residues in tar refining, present in crude oil, wood distillation oil, tar, dyes, plastics, rubber, lubricating oil, anti-rust oil, mold release agents, gasoline depressants , Capacitor electrolyte, mineral oil, asphalt and other petrochemical products, also exist in pesticides, charcoal, fungicides, mosquito coils and other daily chemical products. Articles containing rubber parts, especially products using recycled tire parts / materials, may contain high levels of PAHs. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon compounds are carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic to the reproductive system.

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