The measurement is for the rough house, avoiding the location of the water and gas pipelines, reserve the power supply port, and carry out preliminary planning and design according to the kitchen cabinet data standard, draw the layout diagram of each cabinet; the re-measurement is after the initial renovation, according to The cabinet structure after the initial renovation adjusts the partial dimensions of the cabinet cabinet and determines the design case. The planning of the kitchen is first of all the spatial form of the kitchen, open, closed or semi-open, depending on the living area.

After the spatial form is determined, a reasonable moving line should be planned. According to the left and right hand habits of the operation, choose a reasonable position to design and install the kitchen cabinet, and arrange the oven, microwave oven, refrigerator, sink, stove, drinking utensils, etc. reasonably. The sink is best placed under the window sill and has plenty of light. The position of the stove must match the air duct. To make the exhaust gas machine more efficient, the distance between the ducts is shorter and the turning is less. The inlets of the soot are aligned with the stoves, and the height is 7m. Finally, according to the reasonable rules of the moving line, the layout of the kitchen cabinet can be a type, L-shaped, U-shaped, island-shaped and Other forms of design.

According to the reasonable installation position of the kitchen cabinet, the kitchen cabinets are divided into kitchen cabinets, rice bucket cabinets, pool cabinets, adjustment cabinets, and basket cabinets. The cabinet unit cabinets are often connected by wooden rafts or eccentric connectors, and the unit cabinets are connected to each other by wood screws. The combination of wood screws can not see any traces of the connecting parts inside the cabinet, and the sealing performance is good. The multi-purpose pendant and other hardware are used to sequentially install the storage cabinets, the smoke cabinets, the disinfection cupboards and the like at the top, and then install the countertops and splicing the countertops. Finally, the shelf and the observation board are installed, and the details of the partial structure of the kitchen cabinet are adjusted to complete the installation of the whole kitchen cabinet.

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